April 12, 2010

Hey I am back and now I am the proud owner of two new bionic titanium hips. I did really well in surgery and now 2 weeks post op I am recovering much quicker than the last time. I really at one point had given up hope to ever walk again and now the future is unfolding very quickly and walking is really starting to become easier. People dealing with chronic pain, I sympathize with you always. It has been a really rough 3-4 years. The pain becomes very consuming. I must say that I did do just about everything I needed to do, but with a lot of pain. Now that I am pain free from the arthritis, I am going to get back to living. I have great plans to drop the weight, and get back to being healthy. I am also going to try to get this blog off the ground. Cause I have lots to share and can't wait to get it out there.

I must also take a a minute and thank my family, they have really gotten me through all of this and taken up where I couldn't. I also must thank all my friends and family on facebook, the constant day to day support was the very thing I needed to keep focused. The most important person I must thank is God. Without His true guidance. He stripped me down to nothing and made me see His path, at times, being only human, I doubted Him and every time He would send a sign, a thought, true love to pick me back out of my doubts. During a lot of these times, He taught me to make a prayer list and pray for others instead of myself and wallering in the sad thoughts of what I couldn't do.

Well enough said for now, I am sure I will share more as I recover and become my usual funny self.

Wanted to share a great new idea and tip.
Frozen Pizzas

pk of pita breads
spagetti sauce (pizza sauce)
topping for pizza
a round ice cream tub
wax paper

take each of the pitas and fix them up with your fav topping..(easy) then lay them on a cookie sheet, slide into freezer, when frozen, lay one in ice cream tub with a sheet of wax paper to separate, continue doing this till you fill tub and put back in freezer.
Now when my kids want a pizza, I know whats on it and they are individualized. Pop in oven till warm and meltly..

I hope you give it a try. Feedback is always appreciate

So this is for now... see you soon and always remember.. no matter how long, no matter how far away, the heart knows none of these restraints...Love you all.


Sherri said…
Hey Louise!

I'll have to try the pizzas.

Glad you're feeling so much better.


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