Peanut Butter and Jelly

Hello to everyone that is stopping and reading my blog. I hope over the months I can get all my ideas in order for me to share.
I usually come up with these ideas out of necessity.

Everything here in Ga is doing fine. The kids are growing, and I am re-cooping nicely. I start physical therapy on Tuesday. If you really know me, all I need is to get into my pool. We are actually getting it opened this weekend.

I wanted to share with you guys, Is the frozen pbj sandwich. I went to Walmart and saw the Smuckers Frozen PBJ's and yes, I must admit I bought some to try. They were quite expensive. I also saw that they were just a bit too thick for the little baby to eat. I love the round compact size of them. You could just also pop them in the baby bag and by the time someone wanted to eat they would be great.

My take on this is..
I guess you could cut them and freeze them, but I went one better. I have a pampered chef cut and seal $9.00. It presses down the bread and cuts the circle and seals it great. (I posted a picture above)

Peanut Butter and Jelly (on the go)

1 loaf of really fresh white bread (or you can get wheat)
Peanut butter
12 cheap sandwich bags
Ice cream gallon bucket (walmart is now selling rectangle ice cream buckets they are even better)

I spread each sandwich as thick as I like.
Press each one with the cutter into a round. Slip them into a sandwich bag (you can use the cheap ones they are just to hold them) and then put them in the icecream tub. This keeps them fresh from the freezer.
I got about 12 out of a sandwich loaf. Which I figure I did well, cause in the box I think you get about 6 and they are atleast 4 bucks.

My kids loved them. I would pull out two at breakfast and by lunch I would just hand it off to the kids.

I hope that if you get a chance you could give it a try.
Some other ideas could be other sandwiches, ham, balogna,cheese and freeze.

If you want to comment please do.

Also wanted to tell you in note: I tried the new Koolaid Fun Fizz tablet.. very cool, very convient, they come in a tablet. I can take a 9oz baby cup with water and get a quick cup of koolaid. I do not do this all the time, I am a big advocate for water in your cup, but for a quick switch it worked great. If you check your newspapers I also got $1 off on a pack. At Walmart they were $1.96 so that is not too bad.

Well now that I have blabbered on this Friday morning, I will finish up and post.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Please keep in touch and enjoy.

May your days be wonderful and God watch over you always.


Save those crusts Louise, they are excellent in homemade bread pudding : )

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