August 30, 2010

I know two blogs so close together.. please don't faint.

I just wanted to drop you a hint for the week. I am finding that produce is not lasting very long at my house. Onions, celery and carrots are my main, complaint this week. So what I did....

Everyone makes stuffing for thanksgiving. So I minced up the onion (put them in a freezer bag) minced up the celery and the carrots too. Now when the time comes I will just pull them out and thaw (sautee a bit with butter) and add them to my stuffing.

See nothing gets wasted.

Today I am making my pulled pork potatoes.

Pulled Pork Potatoes

> pork butt in crock pot (I usually make a big one so that I can put half back in freezer for another meal.... bq pizza.. pork sandwiches...cubans..I sometimes put amounts (cooled) into the snack size baggies and then into a gallon freezer bag. This actually makes for single servings. Pop on out and take out of bag and nuke.. quick bq sandwich.)

> bq sauce ( I buy the gallon of Sony's BQ at Sams Club) but any kind will do

> potatoes
> ranch dressing
> minced onion (optional)

Put pork butt in crockpot (no water) on high (I do all day) Then an hour before you want it I drain the juices and pull it apart, put back in crockpot and pour in bq sauce.

Meanwhile after saucing your pork, in that an hour before I also wash my potatoes, prick them, roll them in olive oil and put on sea salt. Lay them in oven for 45-hour at 400. (I usually do a whole bag, that way with the leftovers, I can twice bake them, potatoe skins, twice baked cheese and brocolli, and I even make potatoe salad from the insides. Wow, another whole bunch of recipes. I guess I should have posted this all on another blog. )

To prep on plate.. cut potatoe in half and break up the inside, pour on bq pork, ranch dressing and minced onion....

This one of our all time easy recipes.... I will post the other ones on another blog this week.

I hope you find this helpful, or even entertaining...I am all about being busy with a family and still finding time to cook, while saving money, and even making take out nothing we really want. Nothing sounds better than. "Mommy, this is food is good!" Now if I could make a McD hamburger I would have it made..

Have a great week everyone!


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