"Mom's Egg Salad" revisited 10/2012

"Mom's Egg Salad"

Thought I would hit my blog up again.

I am in the cooking mood, which is all the time, just thinking of home and of all the good things my mother used to make.

My Mom had 6 kids and I assure you we were always hungry. By the time we sat down at the table, we were ready to eat. During my years at home there wasn’t a lot of eating out; it was just a special treat. My mother went out of her way to expose us to all kinds of food, and cooked every day for us something always delicious. When she wasn't doing housework, laundry, homework, church work, gardening, paying bills, running us around, loving us and making sure we all grew up to be decent human beings...and in one complete statement, The MOM. She would also be milling around in the kitchen, whipping up special treats for holidays. My favorite was Columbus Day, she took a banana and put a sail in it like a boat, talk about creative. She was always making custards, cakes and treats. Another favorite of mine was the jello parfaits. Now in this day and time, what mom has the time to layer cool whip and jello in parfait cups and still run a house and family of 6 kids? Gosh, I can barely handle three. I remember all these with a fond and warm heart.

I think that is where I get my passion “to do it better than the restaurants” and to be frugal and use it all up. It is almost like I am programmed to get that last little bit of mayonnaise out of that jar. Funny right?

So today I am posting, “My Mother’s Egg Salad” if you have never had it this way, then it is worth a try. I find that also by letting it sit and hang in the fridge that the flavors marry more together. I eat this as a salad or as a sandwich. When I lived in New York City, at the restaurants you would order a salad plate and it would have three mounds on it, egg salad, tuna, and macaroni, served with crackers or bread. So sometimes I make this into a meal like that.

My Mother’s Egg Salad

items needed:
10 hard boiled eggs

6 strips of bacon (cooked and crumbled) (I use the real bacon bits and warm them in a pan, about ¼ cup)

1 tbsp of minced onion

1 tbsp of yellow mustard

Mayonnaise (not sure how much to use, just until you think it is wet enough for you)

A dash of salt and pepper

Chunk up the eggs and add the rest and mix together.

I made this today and already enjoyed some of it. It warmed my heart, and left me thinking of home when I was little. How blessed I am for the life my mom created for me when I was young. I try every day to give my children the same that she gave to me, "paying it forward " for the next generation. I had a wonderful childhood and a wonderful Mom and Dad. My siblings weren’t so bad either.

Take the time today to find something to remind you of home. Home is where the heart is, no matter how far away you are. Deep inside your heart and mind are the memories that shaped who you are today. Take a break and enjoy life.

I am taking this moment to say, “Thanks Mom for all you have taught me, without your love and patience I would not be the person I am today.” “I love you always!”


This sounds just like my mom's recipe and the way I make it too. Except we didn't use the bacon. Might have to slip a few pieces in it next time I make it. Thanks Louise!

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