Split Pea Soup

Pea Soup reminds me of the days I lived in New York City. I worked in Long Island City, New York; for an air courier company, called Sureway Air Express. We had this little Greek restaurant on the corner, where I would stop on cold days and order a pea soup. It would come in a "to-go cup",it resembled a fat coffee cup. I can even remember the colors, blue and white and a rim of Greek letters around it. I would take that back to my office and just enjoy the flavors, the warmth and the comfort from that one little cup of soup. I lived in New York by myself at the time and it was always so nice to find a comfort in things, brought a bit of home back to my heart. It kept me brave and daring..

Split Pea Soup


1 bag of dried split peas
1 onion (diced)
2 carrots (diced)
3 stalks of celery (diced)
Any kind of ham, pork, bacon (I used ham hock bacon)
4 cups of chicken broth (I used 5 cups of water and bouillon cubes)
Garlic (I used garlic, sea salt, pepper mill)
A pinch of nutmeg
Real bacon bits (just for garnish)


Place all these in your Crockpot. Cook on high for 5 hours or low for 8. I then took my immersion blender and blended it smooth. I like the smooth texture. I also garnished with bacon bits. Croutons would be delish too. I know the color isn’t too pretty, but it did turn out delish.

If it seems thin, let it cool and it will thicken. If upon reheating it is thick, thin with chicken stock (or a cup of water and bouillon cube)

I hope you try it; it was simple and very good

I am always on a mission to make a simple, hearty meal for my loving family. I also like the thought that it was inexpensive and went a long way.

So my thought for today is to hold on dear to the memories of the heart, for they will carry you through the days that are so long.


Looks delicious, Louise!!! All your recipes/dishes always do. :)

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