Breakfast Bubble Bake

I know we talked about those "bubble pizzas" being delicious, but now I want to introduce you to the "Sausage, Egg, and Cheese....Bubble Bake"

Of course your topping can be what you would prefer. Just follow the basic and you will do great.

Breakfast Bubble Bake

For mine it is Sausage, onion, egg, and loads of cheese.


1/2 tube of breakfast sausage (I do the whole package and put the rest up)

2 tubes of 10 count refrigerator biscuits

1/4 onion minced

6 eggs

1 cup of cheese (shredded cheddar, I feel goes better with eggs0


1) Saute the breakfast sausage (breaking it up) with the onions. Portion out what you need and put the rest up.

2 ) Spray a 9x13 pan

3) Cut up biscuits into 4 pieces.

4) Lay the pieces into the pan. They will probably not touch and they look kinda scattered. It is okay, they will rise.

5) Layer in your sausage and onion mixture on top. (don't mix or scoot it around.

6) Beat together 6 large eggs, ( 8 medium)
7) Pour completely on top.

8) Pop in oven 350 for 25 minutes, (until eggs set)

9) Then layer on the cheese, cook another 10 minutes until melty good.

Be sure to let cool. Again I cut this casserole style. I got 12 really nice portions out of it.
It also reheated heavenly. If you can keep it that long.


Wishing for spring to come on. Been a little yucky down here in GA. I am dying for the sunshine. I am going to try and plant a bit this year. I will start some seed s the first week in March. I really don't have much of a green thumb, but prices are killing me at the grocery store. I just want some fresh veggies, to work with.

I hope you enjoy reading my recipes, I hope to come and write a little more when I can, just been having tooth problems and I can only juggle so much at one time.

So get out there and make this day yours.. do something different.. live your life..


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