Casserole Crock Pot - Kitchen Item of the Month

I bought this a few months ago, and I have been trying it out. It is really been a very handy thing in my kitchen. I have a few other crock pots but the shape of this one, has turned out to be unique. Also says on the box that you can cook in the crock part in oven. I have not tried this yet.

I like the casserole shape, it made stuffed peppers sit really nice in them.
I did a package of pork chops with gravy.
I did a chicken cutlet pharm .. ( recipe will be in blog soon)

Another really neat thing about this casserole crock pot that I tried and use totally all the time. The foil lasagna size pans, 

 all fit inside of the casserole crock pot.. which left all kinds of possibilities. You could do freezer meals (never put frozen anything in crock) pull out and thaw overnight and place in crock pot in morning for heating up while you are gone. For our cookout we made extra and each day I put for example the grilled chicken in the foil pan on one side and frozen corn on the other.. turned to high for 4 hours. Quick leftovers and they tasted exactly the same as the day we grilled. The water from the corn made steam in the crock and the chicken stayed juicy.

I have re-heated ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, I have even steamed veggies.

This casserole crock pot is one of the things I can't do without..

As a matter of fact.. I have my ribs from the grill on Sunday in it today.. lay them in a little more bq sauce and in 3-4 hours on high or 5-6 on low.. we will have dinner.. making baked potatoes to go with.

If you decide you would like to purchase one of these. The cheapest place I have found is on Amazon. If you use my link I will get a purchase credit.. So it is a win, win for all.

Even if you don't purchase through my link.. you need this.. just being able to use the foil trays makes it an all out easy meal.. and throw away too.

If you get it and try it let me know, how you liked it..
I will be posting more recipes that I come up with.

I did make a angle food/pineapple cake in it.

Just so many possibilities...

One more look at my ribs.. ready to go...

Now just seeing this makes you wanna get one.....


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