Alice J Watson's Milk Toast

This my friends is the cure all for a great cold, well it sure does make you feel better. Some have to get passed the look of the toast all wet. This is another favorite from my house. There were a few of us that wouldn't eat it. That just made more for me.

My mom, made this all the time, right up there with oatmeal, egg on toast, half boiled egg with toast in cup. She was so creative and would try almost anything. She would go to restaurants and try something and then come home and duplicate it. I guess probably because there were so many of us. I thinking cooking was really her gift to us.

This was called Milk Toast. I would list ingredients, but it is just too simple.

Take a measuring cup and pour 2 cups of milk (nuke 3 minutes - very hot)
Add 4 pieces of white toast ( white just keeps any other texture, tastes funny)
Butter, margarine to taste ( i like it till i see the melted butter )
Salt and pepper to taste (the more the better for me, if I have a cold I use more pepper.)
Stir together and eat while hot.

So if you try it, maybe go on the small end, might not be your cup of tea. I wanted to post this recipe just so it could be documented and when people go searching old recipes, it will live on, in the Internet.


Remember " keep it simple"
Life is really just that simple


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