Mom's Cream of Turkey on Toast

What a great way to use up left over turkey.
When I was growing up my mom, seemed to always take that leftover turkey and make such wonderful meals. This was just always one of my favorites. I think it is the way the green pepper really compliments the turkey. Kinda gives it such a fresh new taste.

Alice J Watson's Cream of Turkey on Toast


2 cups of left over turkey, dark or white, chunked up, picked
1 green pepper (diced into bite size pieces)
3 tbls  of flour
2 tbls  butter
1 cup of milk
salt pepper
toast to put it on


1) In a pan melt your butter, and add your green pepper until slightly tender.

2) Remove pepper from the pan and then add the flour, mix around a bit until the butter has absorbed the flour and it has cooked slightly (this is a roux)

3) Add in the milk and slowly stir, letting it thicken a bit. (if you have issues thickening, turn up the heat a bit.

4) Add in the leftover turkey and green pepper. Stir until warm and gravy like.

5) Pour this over two pieces of toast.

6) Season with salt and pepper.

I could just sit back and enjoy this, and think of those days, when my mom was feeding  6 of us. She never wasted and always stretched that food budget. I always enjoy sharing her gifts that she left with me.
So enjoy and let me know.

As always, It is just the simple things.


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