Childhood Throw Back.. Fried Spam Sandwich

I came from a large family and I find that sometimes the stuff we ate growing up, kinda stick with you. You know the really odd stuff and you wonder..hmmmm do other people eat that? You almost kinda wanna share so people can see into your world, or maybe even try it and experience something new.

Now we know SPAM has always been a shelf stable family thing, in my house. I think it is because it was just so there, so compact, so easy.

One of my mom's favorite was to make it was to fry it and then place it on two pieces of white bread (now this bread has to be white and squooshy, really fresh) You know, we all like that. Sunbeam is actually what I buy just for this and peanut butter and jelly. The only way to go.

She would place these two little slices that have been fried on the white bread, place dill pickle chips on it, and then slather the other piece with mayo. Put together and it is heaven.

The warmness of the spam against the cold pickle and the cream mayo. mmmmmmmm
Need I go on..

Try it, you will maybe like it????

It really is the simple things...


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