Holiday Breakfast Fried stuffing and Egg

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning or Christmas morning in our house is just as exciting as the full dinner meal. We make a special Sausage dressing, passed down through my family and my husbands. I truly make about 10 gallon bags of the stuff. The recipe is in another post in my blog.

My mother in law used to stuff her turkey and the part that everyone liked was sticking out and crispy and crunchy. She would catch everyone sneaking a pieces. So she came up with one of the most delicious ways to satisfy everyone and in our house it is a tradition.

With you already cooked stuffing, create small patties, place in a pan with butter, now squoosh patties down so you get some great surface crunch. Flip and make the other side tasty. Put that on a plate and cook up two or three, old runny eggs. I promise you it is a treat. Season it and have at it. The kids make toast too and dip first. Either way it is a great way to eat a hearty breakfast for the holiday. Then of course back to a nap.

The holidays are to indulge.

Life really is that simple


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