Crockpot Lasagne

Okay new recipe. Great results.
Crockpot Lasagne
I love this because it is as good as Stouffers without all the seasoning.
meat (I use probably only a lb. but you could use more) You could also switch up and add italian sausage meat with it. Makes a richer taste)
1 container of ricotta cheese
1 small pk of motzerella cheese
2 cans of spagetti sauce
1 box of regular lasagne noodles.
Brown meat all together with onions, garlic. When done, drain, and then add the spagetti sauce. I also add the ricotta cheese (just cause I am frugal, and watching calories, and it goes farther)
pour in a layer of sauce in crockpot
then put in lasagne noodles (uncooked) I usually can get two long ones in and a few broken on the sides to cover the whole pot. Then I put more sauce and a bit of motzerella cheese ( I am also very frugal and calorie conscious with this one too.) Then noodles, continue till you have one last layer of noodles and just enough sauce to completely cover them. Then I put the rest of the motz cheese on top.
I set the crock pot on high (took about 3-4 hours) low took about 5-6
It is soooooo good. Please try it. You know you could pre-make the sauce and just freeze it in a ziploc, and put a bag of motzerella cheese in the freezer too, It would make for a meal idea for a hectic day.
Let me know how it goes if you make.
Have a Good Day!


Anonymous said…
My mother in law just gave me a crock pot today (our old one broke when we were moving 3 years ago). Your recipe sounds great - I'll try it out and let you know!

-Kaos Kitty (from Frugal Village)

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