My 16 year old daughter

Well gosh, what am I doing... I am really hitting a writing spurt. So for all of those that like to read my blog... let me see....
I guess by now everyone knows that I have two children. My oldest is 16. Wow, 16, what will I do. I am praying that I have given her enough life skills to master this big world. I do know that she is a very independent, very determined to have a good life. I think that I have instilled enough survival skills in here to get by when the times are rough. She knows how to be kind, and although she can be a little sarcastic, she is a pretty easy going kid.
If I may say so, she has turned out to be a rare jewel of a young woman. She is so beautiful, yet she doesn't know it. She has a fierce desire to protect her brother from all things. She has always been his shield, I hope that they stay close through their years. He looks up to her even though she is at an age where she can't see it. They love each other, and they will always have each others back. She is so kind and soft hearted and sometimes hides that under a somewhat rough exterior. But as I think about it maybe it will keep her strong when her heart is sad. I have told her all about God, so hopefully she will turn to Him, when the world seems to fall apart all at one time. I have told her that God is all around her, all the time, not just when you step into a church, that you may call on Him always. I also told her that I had learned that even if you are fearful of doing something, do it anyway, and God will see you through it. She knows that I am always here. I hope that she will be able to tell me anything. But if she can't then I will love her unconditionally and be there to pick up the pieces. I can only give her advice, but she will have to walk her own path in life.
She has a great head on her shoulders and I feel she will be going places, yet she doesn't want to go to far from home, and that will probably change, but that is okay too. Love knows no distance. I am so happy that she wants a future, and I hope that we will stay close, like me and my mother. My mother is one of my best friends, my sisters are too, even though we don't talk everyday, I know that if anything happened they would figure out how to get to me. It is crazy but I have always counted on them as my safety net. I am very lucky to have a loving family, in such a time when the world is so crazy. There is alot of people that don't have that kind of love and support. I know that they would always be there to get my back. I hope that my children will always feel that bond also. I want them to know I got there back too.
So as my daughter is 16, I can only thank God for letting me be a mother and have such wonderful children. I dedicate this to my daughter, my best buddy, my love, and my crazy kid.
May your road of life be wonderful.


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