Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello again, hope everyone had a great week.
This is the first time in years that I have had a few days off, and I have three in a row. Yea, and I thought I would just get tons done...right! But I did do my exercises and top cleaned the house. Yea, you know make the beds, pick up the same towels, clothes and deposit them in the laundry. Then I look at the laundry basket and it looks back at me.. Nope, not today, I am sure you will be there tomorrow.
Nothing to crazy last week, but we did get a new kitten. Her name is Brooklyn, big name for a tiny, bitty kitty. We already have two big dogs (both part labs), a cat, a rabbit, and two birds. And then we shook them all up around here. Actually everyone is adjusting but the old cat. I think it is too little for her to like. But I am hopeful.
On another good note. The CRCT testing here in Ga is over. Seems like they want to throw everything they didn't teach into one month, so they can get the CRCT testing done. It is just crazy. I would figure, now get you everyone has an opinion, but if you started a little bit everyday and then just review before, it would be less stress.. but hey what do I know.

Recipe for the week. (please note, I just cook for my family. I use no recipes, and I just make stuff. So if you have seen it somewhere else, then maybe I did too and I adapted it to my tastes, so I am just sharing what we like)

Salmon Cakes

1 can of salmon
1 box of stuffing mix ( i got a generic one on sale)
diced onion (optional, just had some in fridge)
a bit of water to moisten to make patties
olive oil

mix together and pattie in your hand, I made twelve palm size small patties. Saute them in a bit of olive oil until brown on both sides.

Served with a bit of brown rice.
Other options, you could take frozen peas and carrots (nuke just a bit to take the cold out of them) and put in your pattie mix.
I didn't use any seasoning, but a bit of lemon, lemon pepper or oldbays would probably make these take good.

Tips Corner... Just me talking to you.....
For the kitchen:
>When I finish with my grill, mine is george foreman, I wet paper towels and lay them on the grill and close it. I wait till it all cooks and it seems to clean easier.

For diet control:
> I bought some plastic 6 oz cups (got them at big lots, hard plastic, the kind you keep.)
I scooped two scoops of ice cream in each, and put foil on top. I keep these in the freezer stacked up. Perfect serving size. Works real well with the kids and husband. Keeps from eating enourmous amounts at one time.

For exercise:
> This week my goal is to add another mile to my exercise bike, and 10 more steps on the stairmaster. I am also going to try a 5 minute tape of an exercise ball. The last time I rolled off and was soooo graceful. Wish me luck.. baby steps, I said before it is 5 minutes more that I wouldn't have been doing, so it all counts.

Well that was my promised blog for the week and it feels great. I will come back and share my news with you again. Feel free to always add, a good idea or even a comment.
This is a journey for me and I would love to share it with you....
Thanks again...till next time...


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