Tuesday April 22nd

I am in the processing of promising to hit my blog atleast once a week. I always feel like I have lots to share.
I matter of fact, just last week, went to the Endocrinologist, being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, in December, I had a check up. He was very impressed with the determination that I was showing. He said I was doing very well. Lost the big 15 lbs... yea on that point.
Weight has always been a big problem with me. I know all the ways we justify it. But this time I own it. I am determined to change my mindset, and then my body. I have also been working on loving myself no matter what size I am.
Diabetes was a very scarey word to me. I don't think that it was the turning point of trying to change my habits, but it sure directed me a bit. I was very sad at first, I figured it was a death sentence, you know one of those 100 plus year sentences, that can drag on out. Lots of medicine, needles and doctors. I stopped all those nagging bad thoughts dead in their tracks and figured that hey I will change it all, or atleast keep trying.
So I promised myself to be true, and to change it one step at a time. Baby steps.

My exercise tip for those who struggle like I do.. or even those who just want to change a bit. I like to be an all equal sharer..
I started out on my exercise bike, at one mile a day for a week. Then every week I add a mile.
I am now up to 5 in two different sittings. It took a while, but you know, "Hey, it is more than what I was doing before." And I am starting to feel better, gradually.

My diet tip for the week:
Is all about portions. I have bought the rubbermaid screw on two cup containers. I bought 3 packs (only cereal goes in these) and then I buy cereal, healthy, and low fat, high fiber. I make my own portion containers. I also do this for my family. It is really working. I know my children are in their teens but I am teaching them what it is to eat right. I factored in the "lazy factor"- definition, my family is too lazy to find a bowl and fill it up. So it is already to go.

On a humorous note, while I am writing this, I am looking out the window, and my dog has just done the flounder (all out slide on the belly) as he tripped on the lines layed for a new deck my husband is building. It never fails around here. It is a crazy place.

Well gonna roll out of here, Hope you enjoy reading my blog... catch you all back soon.
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