June 14th, 2008

Hey everyone..
Did everyone make it through the Friday, the 13th. That is my lucky day. I always say that, I try to unstrength the bad luck charm. I have for years always said that to my kids. Hopefully they will keep it up. Bad things do happen, they happen to all of us. One day doesn't predict that. How about all the good things..does it have a certain day? Life is full of ups and downs and the important thing is what you do with that information. Keep your head up and full steam ahead....
Anyway, I am back... Gosh I was just looking over the past stuff and I have really made it back every week. Even with the ton of things happening at my house.
Everyone here is doing well.
The kitten has adjusted to the zoo (house) and is just part of the family. The older cat is still not content with her around, but atleast she is not running off and hiding, and that to me is a plus, cause she always hides in the room where I lay the baby to take a nap. I usually have to lay on my stomach and poke her out from under the bed.. Such a lovely site..!! She just loves to be around kids. Always catch her sleeping in a car seat on the carport. Weird huh?
All of my animals are weird. And the great catch is if they have a life span of 3 years they live 10. Don’t know what it is around here.
We had the goldfish that could never die. Usually they are a dime a dozen and in the toilet in short of a week, not mine he lived in an aquarium with all kinds of fish. He became the alpha fish.. Naw, actually I think the kids would go days without feeding him, and he devoured everyone else out of hunger. I solved that problem, by placing him by the kitchen sink counter so that I figured if I saw him every day, he would at least get fed. So by doing this I had now made a new friend. I could get him to come to the top and wait for me to feed him. I could also stick my finger in and he would come up and nibble me.. Cute trick.. Hey he could have been planning to take over the house and eat us..... The other problem with him was.. Oh yea, his name was ghost. My son named him. I would let the water go because I was afraid the clean water and the chemicals would kill him. I had such a good track record. I would let it go till it was green and slowly evaporated. Sometimes Ghost could swim in 6" of water. Through the years I added water that I had let sit on the counter. I finally purchased him one of those really cool bowls, that are ½ bowls and hang on the wall.. Thinking it would be easier to take care of him. He lived a long life. He entertained them all. I hung him right on the wall in the dining room. Such a piece of art. Ghost departed from our home..via the toilet probably a ripe old age of 6. My son has learned the cycle of life from the stories of all the departed. In our home, everything lives, and lives and lives.. When they go it is a blessing because they are usually showing their age.. They live great lives around here.
The weird thing is I think I inherited this. My mother has always had animals that have stuck around for years. She also had a goldfish, that had gotten stuck on a straight pin. Now how did that get in there. We were little, what can I say. She put her hand in every few hours and walked the goldfish, and he did live. Devotion, huh? After awhile someone got tired of the green water and put it out in the back yard under a bush. Someone I am sure was too lazy to clean it, We were just kids. HAHAHAH.. and after a few years we were cleaning the overbrush and we found the fish tank. And I kid you not poured it out and the goldfish was still alive. He was completely white, and his tail fins were about 6-8 inches long.. We put him in clean water and he passed away. You think....?????
I guess lots of love, hope, and faith keeps them around. I hope I have passed this on to my kids.

Now that I have ranted about animals. What about kids.. My kids have been pretty good this time so far... I am sure they will get super lazy, summer and all. My husband is on a mission to fix me a ladder to the 5 ft high splash pool we have.. I have decided that my 47 year old, hind end is not going to make it over much more. It has one of those metal kid ladders.. Every time I go up, I wonder how I am going down. So I will post a picture when it is done.

My Tips.... Just me talking to you...

Every week I have a million things to share and by the time I go to post I forget them. Wish I could carry you around with me all day... I had a book, but with all the kids around I forgot which book is what. I turn around and my book is the next color book or they are taking clean pages from me.

What's Cooking this week:

Crock pot parm chicken

2 jars of spagetti four cheese
6 chicken breasts. ( i just use the frozen)

a little sauce, lay in chicken and turn on. High for atleast 4 hours then I lower it at the end and add cheese. Doing this I don't use the bread crumbs and saves on calories.
I usually put this over pasta. But rice is a good second.

Baked Chicken and Stuffing
the stuffing was premade and frozen from the last time we were craving it.
It is my mother and fathers homemade sausage stuffing.
> A good tip is I shaped the stuffing in patties and sauteed them in olive oil for that crispy outside. They make individual size. If I am freezing stuffing, I freeze it uncooked and then when ready, I thaw and do the sauteeing of the patties.

I will be filling in the rest of the week with cold stuff.. Chicken salad, tuna salad, and egg salad. Kids aren't much for it, but I have grilled cheese and hotdogs for them. It is getting hot in the Old South now......

Healthy / my progress

Still really having issues with time. I am still losing a lb or 2 a week. Very slowly. It has been so hot that even getting in the pool is uncomfortable. I am trying to look at this bump in the road in a positive way. It is only for 6 weeks left. I figure if I keep moving and playing with the kids, surely it should count for something. 6 weeks also is not a lifetime. I have a lifetime, to keep motivated and to succeed in this life.

So for all my readers.. I send lots of motivation, laughter and love. I will leave you now to continue with my crazy life. Have a good week .

For all those Fathers out there

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all.....


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