Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wow, what a week.....
Oh forget my manners, hey! I hope everyone is well.

It has been very hot here in Georgia, and the AC’s have been pumping. Well, mine hasn’t, we said here for a day or two just wishful thinking that it was actually just cooling..but it was just too hot outside. Me and my children and the handful that I keep busy for the summer, all packed in the hot box. We utilized the carport as much as we could, and there was a cool breeze.
So anyhow, I called the AC place and asked for them to come... a week from now.. No way... oh my! I will pool into a puddle of sweat and the kids would just go mad!
So as I was contemplating my dilema, and doing dishes, cooking lunch, putting a bandaid on someones hurt, as you can tell I can multi-task. I used to think it was a gift.. But sometimes I can get so much going on at one time, I feel like one of the spinners and I am actually having lift off. IN the moment that I stopped to contemplate my dilema.... breathe...breathe...The phone rings and it is my friend, she has a friend that can come..
Yes... The man can come that day and that is so nice.. He looked at everything with my husband and tells him quickly, hey I will leave this all out and you can clean it. It will save you money. I will be back Thursday or Friday.. What!!!! ( now don’t get mad, it actually turned out to be a good thing) I guess that is what they call a test. We actually cleaned it, then and there. I got the man to come back on Thursday, and he said we did a good job.. He checked to make sure we got it all together. It only cost us $120.00 and if he had cleaned it, it would have been $300 +. So yes, we were tired, dirty, and could have screamed.
Sometimes I think we are given things to test us, to challenge us. It made us more aware of things that we could do without having to pay someone. I really think out of all this it made us feel upset at first, but amazed at what a person can do. As you get older we forget that we can do things.. That we still can think outside the box. So now under my hat of many things, AC maintence is there. Kinda heavy but I like

My tips..... just me talking to you...

House Tip..
Well since it is AC time and it is hot for some of us...
My learned new AC tips..
>The big old baby outside.. you know the big boxxy thing in the back yard. If you look closely you will see there is a top with a fan in it.. called the head.. and surrounding the outside is what I call the fin thingys.. You need to becareful not to push on these, they are very bendable and they need not close, cause you will restrict air flow.. You need to periodically hose these off. With the direction of the fins.. sometimes too hard of a spray can bend them.
Also, my AC man.. said to turn off the unit while we cut grass cause the big thing is sucking in air and will suck up the grass pollen and it too will clog and block the air flow...
>Always keep your filter changed that will keep you from opening the whole thing up to clean that coil... (yes, we did that too)
All I can do is pass on my learned knowledge, use well....ahahahha!

Whats cooking this week...

Yes, I gotcha a new one to try...

Yellow Slaw

Shredded Cabbage.. (I was lazy and used a bag of precut coleslaw lettuce)
a bit of honey (did it by taste)
sugar ( i used splenda and it turned out just as good)
mustard (yellow, to taste)
vinegar ( i use the rice vinegar, to taste)

Mix all together and refridgerate.. I thought it tasted soooo good.. And without the mayo I didn't have to worry about it getting yucky.

Cabbage Soup

1/2 Head of cabbage cut in chunks
1 can of tomatoe juice
1 can of tomatoes diced with Jalepenos ( it was spicey.... you could use regular)

Put all together in crock pot and cook all day..
It was really tasty and filling. Great for dieting... It was also so wonderful a few days later.. the taste was so good..

This week at my house we are going for quick.. I am going to make tuna salad, mac salad, the yellow slaw, egg salad, and maybe a crock pot chili.
Trying to keep it cool... hot is not for me..

Healthy Ideas / my progress

I am in a holding pattern. I have to watch kids and I am finding no time for myself. SO I am trying to find ways to stick it in there. Usually by the time the kids leave at 6 I am dead. I have been trying to make a pool routine for small exercises. I haven't been near my bike in 4 days... I am sooo sad.. But I will work it out. My diet is well. I keep the low sodium soups handy for a quicky. I see if I eat every 3 hours or so, I don't do the pig out thing. Every day is an adventure.

In ending I hope everyone is having a great start to a great summer... Just don't sweat the small stuff and remember we are all in this game of life together.. holler at me if you want....


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