Different Foods... Thursday, 9/04/08

Okay, I promised you a few different things. I am trying a new food, to my family and maybe new to you.

I will try to share my findings with you.

This week it was:

Forbidden Rice (black rice)

This is an unusual black rice, it was kinda hard to find. But I found it on AMAZON, and ordered it. Kinda expensive. It is full of vitamins and has a lower carb than white rice. So it was kinda a plus.


A short grained rice. Black in color and when cooked it was purple. (It was actually cool)

How I made it:

I used a rice cooker and followed the instruction to how much water to rice. It turned out really good in the cooker (first time, used exact water, which gave it perfection) (second time, used just a bit less and gave it a more nuttier taste) Both times they turned out good. One thing though, when cooking it in the cooker, be sure to put paper towels around. My kinda spits when it gets to cooking well and it spit purple this time.


Well the first time, just served it with fish. It has a really nutty taste, but was overall nice. I mixed a bit of chicken boulion in and gave it a more savory taste.
The second time, I added the rice wine and the sugar and made sushi rice. I even rolled it in the seaweed. It also was good, but kinda hard to eat it all purple..lol

The family:

Kids thought purple was cool and liked it the first time. The second, you say sushi and they just die. Gosh, would hate for them to eat anything different and good.

I will use this again. I loved the texture and I like enjoying different things.
I hope you enjoyed this Thursday..
till next we meet again...


Songbirdtiff said…
I have never heard of black rice. I'm going to have to look for it. Might I find it in an ethnic store?

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