Wednesday September 3, 2008

Hey, kinda lost for words (naw!) this has been a short week with the long weekend we just had. I hope everyone had a safe Labor Day. We had our cookout on Sunday, that way we could just kick back and relax on Monday. Took years to figure that one out. Party and visit and still leave a r-n-r day. It works every time.

I have been working on some keen ideas for making my blog more. So keep your eyes open for some more crazy things to come. I am even trying to get my 11 year old son to start one. I think it is something he would have fun with. Now my 17 year old, not so much, she is the stable one around here..

Water, Water, Water...
Last Wednesday, we went down to the basement and two rooms were big old puddles. The AC had gotten clogged in the condenser line. Thank goodness for my husband. But we work well together. I deligated kids to removing floor tiles, I vacummed (wet vac) and we got it all cleaned up and back in line. WEEEEE missed that bullet. Don't feel like sinking cash into the AC again. So close to the end of the season.
Just when I think we got the wet stuff done, yesterday, my husband comes to tell me....(he finds it all, you know water finds its own level, and unfortunately it is my husband fav, hiding spot, the basement) That the water room (the small room on the side the house leading to the basement) is flooded...gee, could it get any better. So they go outside and the flower bed is flooded. Looked like a pipe, but no just the hose busted. My husband checked it out and we are clear. He went down to the meter and it is leaking. Calling the water company I was told that more or less that a leaking meter is not a priority. Wow, I just then told him that he better document the leak and I wasn't paying for any extra. It is now 10 am and still now repair man. I thought we were in a drought, go figure.

Now that I have filled you in on our life, I want to share something I learned the other day.

Tips, just me talking to you:

When changing my package on my cell phones, I asked that my rollover minutes be transfered. I was told yes, and I asked them to please document on my account. Well low and behold I get the bill and it wasn't done. I called and they researched it and fixed it. So lesson to be learned, 1) I keep a notebook, in which I put down who I called, time and the reason why, and any other things (that way if they don't have it I do!) 2) Ask them to document also 3) and you can ask for roll over minutes to be added 4) always recheck all bills and statements, they are sometimes sneaky left out stuff or added stuff.

Food, Recipes, Menus and stuff:

New Challenge:
My goal from Sept 1 till whenever is that we don't go out to eat for awhile. For me to be motivated, I have 2 banks. In one can, I get a dollar for every day that I do not eat out. (I will use this when I get enough to have a good dinner out) and another can will have another $1 and this is my reward for not going to the store (this is to see how long I can stretch that food money, exception to that is MILK.)
I will let you know how it goes. I already have $2 in each can...yea.....

Menu for this week is

Monday- we cooked out
Tuesday - chicken and pasta
Wednesday - Kabasi, sourkraut and mashed potatoes
Thursday - Chicken strips, mac and cheese
Friday - Hot Dogs
Saturday and Sunday - I am thinking about trying to get a Lasagne in. I also have wings.
Friday- Hot dogs

I am thinking of spreading out my posts a bit, just got to find a happy day for each subject.
So thanks again for listening (reading) Keep up with me, I will finally get it all together. This is a learning process....
Keep in touch...


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