Different Foods....Thursday 9/11/2008

"Today is a day to remember all those lost in the World Trade Center. May we never forget" September 11, 2001.

Different Foods ... Thursday 9/11/2008

Okay it looks like the first month of this is just grains.. swear I didn't plan it that way, just they keep popping out at me.
This week I bought some rice.
Here is the name of the label.

ROYAL BLEND whole grain. Texmati brown and red rice with pearled barley and rye berries. I have seen it at Krogers. I actually bought mine in a 4 pack... again at Amazon.com. I will be looking to see if I can get a better price on it.

It is kinda ricey grains and then some seeds and then darker reddish, brown grains.

How I made it:
I cooked this also in my rice cooker. It was 1 cup rice to 2 and 1/2 cup water. It took a bit of time. I also had to put a towel on the counter to get the hickups my rice maker makes. I put in a bit of olive oil and a bit of chicken boulion. My kids like the flavor to it.

It was very good, very whole grain ricey tasting.I think I would try to hold back just a shy of water to give it a more wholer bite, it was kinda slightly mushy, but not in a bad way.

The family:
I should call them the testers..lol.. they ate it all . I made a chicken and brocolli chinese style and they ate it with that.

I will try to buy this again. Just gotta find a bargain..
Hope you enjoyed this post.. will try to find something else to tantilize you with...
take care..


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