I have been a busy cook this week. May 30, 2010

Just stopping in to say, " Happy Memorial Day to all and their families!" Also to take a minute and say thanks to all the Veterans, and active military people and their families.. Thanks for keep us safe!

This weekend I got to try out a few new recipes, and of course, you know I want to share them right away. I will post them on separate blogs so you can get them down if you want to try them.

Fried Sweet Cream Cheese Wontons

1pk of cream cheese
1 egg (beat)
1/2 cup of sugar
1 pk of wontons (or if you are like my family I had to have a few more, lol)
Oil (used Canola) to fry in, I put it in a deep small pan (be safe) cause I could only cook about 5 at a time (cause once the oil gets hot they go fast)

Take wonton and turn it with the point towards the top of your hand, take a spoonful of mixture and place in center, wet edges (little) and bring up and seal into a triangle. You may want to make these in advance so you can keep up with the demand and the hot oil.

Drop a few into the hot oil and let get brown, remove and place on paper towels to drain. You can eat these when they cool. We bought a sweet and sour sauce at the store to try and dip, but it was a bit too spicy. Becareful because these are really addictive.

Well gotta get back to the holiday, everyone take care and be safe. Remember it doesnt matter how far or how long the heart never quits loving..Love you all!


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