Peach Cobbler (New Recipe - Tried - Worked - Delicious)

Peach Cobbler

Okay I know I have wondered off the Weight Watcher Path, but you know life is multi-dimensional and there has to be a little treat to go with all that hard work every now and again.

This weekend my daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out and I wanted to find something soft and good to eat, in a few days after the swelling went down. So of course I piddled all over the Internet.
I just love the pinterest site. I actually found a recipe like this but they used frozen fruit. I didn't have frozen fruit. They also didn't embellish theirs like I am going to do mine.

So I tried to make this, and it really worked. It was really a nice taste.. the peaches were warm and there was like a light googy syrupy all around it (just sweet enough, but not sicky sweet), then with that soft crust with the crusty top...mmmm....and the best was it was even better cold. I had to make two of these.

Peach Cobbler
(Tried-Worked- Delicious)


1 cake mix (any kind, but white, yellow)

1 can of diet sprite ( light soda)

2 can of peaches (15 oz)

*optional * sliver almonds, coconut


1) Take a nice size pan (like a lasagna size), spray with Pam

2) Drain both cans of peaches (I just drained, not dripped dry)

3) Pour into pan.

4) Pour dry cake mix, evenly over the top.

5) Pour soda over top of that.

6) Is optional * sprinkle with coconut and slivered almonds

7) Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes

I really was kinda skeptical about the dry cake and mix and soda, but it worked. It really was worth trying and really tasty.

Give it a try for a quick dessert for your family. I did and it is gone..

So enjoy your Sunday and do something fun.. Until we meet again..


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