Tip of the week ------recycle that water bottle

I thought that I would try to start posting all the little crazy ideas I come up with. Saves me time, saves me money, makes something more efficient and it sometimes even a bit silly.

I have this habit, I really hate to throw things out, but unfortunately I try not to stock pile any of my empty bottles, I have reserved only one of each bottle for my ideas.

For this day, we were going to make ribs, my daughter was  going to go outside and brush them the old fashion way. Suddenly one of my ideas hit me. I had just finished a bottle of water, a nice tall one with a cool little pop top. I usually reuse for water, but today I found a new thing.

I took my bq sauce and filled it up.

Items needed, water bottle and bq sauce.
Daughter to pour in.

Woohoo, not a drop spilt.

Use as a pour bottle of bq sauce.

When you are finished, you could either just throw away, or store in the fridge for another time. When it become worn and old you can toss, and you lose no money, cause it was nothing to start with.

If you like any of these ideas, feel free to shout out to me.

 I use empty water bottles for lots of stuff. If you 3/4 fill them with tomato juice, you can freeze until you need it. Sometimes I don't need all the tomato juice in a can, so I freeze them until I make chili or what not.

As I always say, get out there today. Do something for yourself, make this day yours...enjoy!


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