Roasted Vegetables wwpp= just for the bit of olive oil 1pt per cup of veggies

I just had to show you my favorite, really all time favorite way to eat vegetables. This also keeps from wasting veggies. Actually I bought them to use this way because we love it, but you can use it to clean out your fridge without having waste.

Roasted Vegetables    {wwpp= just for the bit of olive oil 1pt per cup of veggies}

Put a piece of parchment paper down ( I find it keeps from having anything sticking).

Cut up all veggies into pick up size. You can go bite size, but it doesn't matter when they taste this good.

I toss them all in a big bowl as I cut them up. I pretty much use everything I had on hand. Real garlic heads are good on here too.

Toss them with olive oil and sea salt. Throw on pan. 400 degrees for around 45 minutes to an hour.

Yummy, Yummy...

At this point we eat them with dinner.

The extras I either boil down with a bit of water the next day and puree, and put in my meatloaf (I need to post that recipe, my kids are crazy for it)

The other that I do is roll out a pizza dough and put inside like a vegetable Stromboli. You need nothing more than the veggies, the flavor of roasting them is really great. (this my husband will take cold for lunch)


I am trying to keep up on my blog. I actually found a really cool way to keep the blog for my children to save over the years. I found a way to actually print it to a book. I found a company online that took my blog and put into a paper back book. It really wasn't a bad price. Now my kids can keep my ramblings forever.


So my friends.. give the veggies a try... it is my pleasure to always be experimenting.

My new goal this spring is a garden.

I can't wait until I try to get a small garden growing.

I bought a small planter for my green onions ( you know you can cut them to the white and replant and from then on cut the greens and they will continue to produce)

Another for my garlic. (you can take a bulb and produce green shoots from them too, just for quick stuff)
Thinking about planting some in a garden and ginger too.. just not sure I have that green of thumb.

I am also getting ready to try the gutter garden. I will post and let you know how that goes.

Well my friends with the spring comes lots of new goals and ideas. Keep making the days yours, smile and take time to rest. A good book, a cup of tea, a good conversation with a friend..

Sending out good vibes for a good day..


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