Did you get your greens today? Roasted Spinach Chips and Roasted Collard Greens Chips

Roasted Collard Green Chips

Roasted Spinach Chips

So today, I decided to try a few new different greens, made into crispy thin chip things.
The Collard Greens were crunchy and okay, You still can taste the little bitter of the greens.
The Spinach Chips were the best. They were crunchy and had a milder taste.

They actually can satisfy that crunchy, salty need in your diet. Along with that you get some great nutrients.

Roasted Spinach Chips and Roasted Collard Chips


1 cup of which ever greens you would like.

2 tbs of olive oil

sea salt


1) Toss greens in a bowl with olive oil and a small amount of sea salt.

2) Put on a tray covered with parchment paper.

3) 350 for about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them once they start turning dark they are almost finished.


I am almost sure you could put them up, but we eat them all up. I actually will be making the spinach more often. I am wondering how it would taste on a salad.

I also share these with my kids. They are kinda funny tasting at the beginning, but it gets to be a bit addictive.


This weekend is Memorial Weekend.. For all my new friends, family and friends, be safe and have a great time.

Get out there and make it yours..try something new!


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