Getting back to it May 3, 2013

I know I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I guess I was thinking as long as I had a recipe, I could blog. I really didn't want cooking to define who and what I was.

I have a million thoughts running through my head at one time. I guess that is why I like the blog. So I am promising to hit it up a little more.

I am doing better with my health. I gave up diet soda. about something hard to do. It has been two week and sometimes I feel I could take a shower in soda. It just made everything better. I actually think I used it as a reward for everything. I substituted soda with teas and fruit infused water. I bought a really great pitcher from and I use it all the time. I change the fruit every 3 days and refill every day. I am hoping it will help me to feel better. I am finding that I crave carbs and sugar alot less. I am less hungry and my mind, I know this may be crazy, seems clearer.

I have also been going to a chiropractor for the last 12 weeks, and he is thinking that my right side of my pelvis was turned in and yes, they new hip was great, but the muscle imbalance wasn't addressed. Even after all the physical therapy, no one knew what to do. The pain was always so intense and no one ever gave me more than 1 week of any kinda pain killer. I guess I should be glad, because I have no dependency problems on top of it all. This week is the first actual week that I can put weight on the right hip without pain.. whooohoo... progress is coming.

The pool is up and running. Too cold to swim, but okay to walk in with my canes, and my 4 year old loves to hear me yell when he splashes me. Hopefully I will progress enough to get all this nasty weight off. I have about 75lbs to drop. Anyone want it?

Well I just dropped in to say hello.. promise to catch up more later..

So get out there and make the day yours...until later.


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