Cooking From My Pantry Fried Rice

Fried Rice (minus the egg)

Pantry by definition: Is a room or closet that food items are stored. I consider anywhere I store food items my pantry. Scarey right!

Today I am going to walk you through a Fried Rice Dish. This Dish is always something I make with the stuff I keep in my pantry and my freezer.  If you are ordering out Chinese for Fried Rice, you really can make one in just minutes on the fly, if you have it on hand in your pantry. Or what is hiding in that freezer.

First what is your favorite kind of fried rice? Mine is usually a little meat, sometimes egg, loads of onions, sauteed garlic slices, always peas and carrots, and sometimes another vegetable, if I have any on hand.

Let's talk about Rice.

I keep on hand at least 2 bags of the Uncle Ben's Ready Rice 90 seconds. One bag will make enough for two people or a quart serving of fried rice.

Or a box of Minute Rice. These two rice, seem to hold up better in a fried rice. Now white grain rice if left over night, also will hold up to the second cooking.

Now the Vegetables:

I adore onions when they are softened, so I kinda go heavy on a small dice.
Garlic is another of my favorite and I keep fresh garlic bulbs and any time I get a change to soften them in a stir fry I always add them. I slice them paper thin.
Peas and Carrots are another nice vegetable to add to a fried rice. You add them frozen and they soften as you start making the rice. If you have any brocolli add it in too, frozen and it will soften all together.

The Meat:

Chicken - next time you cook breasts, make one extra and cut in chunks and put into a freezer bag and just pull out when you want it with chicken.
Pork - next time you are making chops, just pull one off and slice it really thin and store it also in a freezer bag.
Kielbasi - which is usually my go to, I take it from the store and cut into 4 pieces and then into bite size pieces and into a freezer bag.

I actually keep a freezer gallon, and put all the smaller meat bags inside and they are labeled for fried rice..sometimes although I sneak over and take a little for a pizza now and again.   SHHHHHH!

 The Egg:

I always do it first in the pan and make scrambled eggs and put to the side. I usually sometimes skip it because I really don't miss it. If you like it, and need the protein then add it. Makes it authentic fried rice.

So now lets us see what we can make here:

Fried Rice  (serves 2)

(Today mine is made with Chipolte Kielbasa)


Rice (already made) 1 cup

1/4 piece of Kielbasa (diced)

1/2 onion small (diced)

3 garlic cloves (paper thin)

1/2 cup of frozen peas and carrots

1 tbs of soy sauce (reduced sodium)

1tbs of olive oil


*If you want the egg in it, scramble egg first in pan and pull out for a few minutes, you will add back in with rice.

1) In a pan large enough to make the entire rice dish. Put in olive oil and kielbasa. Let kielbasa brown just a bit. Keep on Medium heat.

2) Throw in onions and garlic (watch garlic) just enough to soften.

3) Throw in frozen peas and carrots.. Saute until unfrozen just a bit.

4) Add the rice and egg into the pan. Start to toss all around with the other things in the pan. Add a little soy to it.

5) Heat until rice is warm and continue to toss while it is heating.

Serve and Enjoy


 Lunch from my Pantry.

Once you get the hang of trying to remake things that you have. Saving that little bit that you usually don't know what to do with it. Can make an entirely new meal.

So if you are hankerin' for that fried rice, you can do it.

Make it your own, add what you like...

Yes, it really is just that simple.....


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