Meatless Monday - Indoor Grilled Pizza

I know today is Tuesday and I tried really hard to get over here and post this, but my Laundry was the boss yesterday...Try like 8 loads...geezzzzz...

I am trying to incorporated at least 3-4 meatless days into our weekly menus. One because it seems we eat a little more veggies and it saves a little more money.  I am making Monday our first Meatless day. Meatless Monday..I know alot of people use that name, so I can borrow it too.

This week I made  personal pizzas. I keep most of the veggies on hand so I can just throw them in a pinch and make the meals more nutritious.  I have shared with you how I cut up and try to use what vegetables I have before they go bad, and right when I run out of ideas I either dice them up into small portions, into freezer bags for other meals, or I boil everything into a purree for a wonderful meatloaf.

For cooking this pizza, I thought I would try something different without cranking up the stove. I have an electric indoor grill that I wear out all the time. Which left me with a great idea... grilled pizza.

When I was younger, I grew up with 5 siblings. My mother would always want to make the birthdays special. We were allowed to choose the meal. Not like these days, we didn't go out, but that was okay, because she was a wonderful cook. My oldest sisters favorite was chicken and dumplings. My oldest brothers were liver and onions. (mine too, but not on my birthday). One of my littlest sisters, hers was chicken pot pies from the freezer section..go figure. Mine was homemade pizza. She would hand make the dough (when it cooked you could smell the yeast) and then take a can of whole tomatoes and squeeze each one onto the top of the pizza, a little garlic salt and then cheese and we were on our way. I loved birthdays..

So let me share with you my new creation

Indoor Grilled Pizza  (2)


pizza dough ( at this point you can make your own, pillsbury in the can, or I buy the frozen dough bread rolls and let thaw out)
*tip - If you use the frozen bread rolls, I spray a gallon ziplock with pam spray and slip frozen dough in and let it rise in that. You can keep a few days in refrigerator.

Motzerella cheese (or what you like)

Vegetables ( small diced - I used onions, mushrooms and spinach.)

Olive Oil

Garlic Salt

Sea Salt


1) Pre-heat your grill with a little olive oil.

2) Prep your toppings, make them a little small on the dice, so they get tender from the grill.

3) Take 1/2 dough and stretch in kinda rectangly, or how you can get it.

4) Lay on grill. Grill until side is crunchy brown, and flip.

5) Now put on toppings, you can use sauce, but I just skipped it. I also just used a little cheese. Put a dash of garlic salt on top.

6) Crank the heat down just a bit so the crust will heat through and get the toppings cooked a little ( at this point you could slip into an oven) but I proceeded to finish on the grill. I then took my crock pot lid (any lid, or even a pan and flip over top to kinda let the stuff all melt and get gooey.)

When it is kinda melty (watch the bottom you don't want to burn it) Slide off onto a cutting board and let sit a minute. (melts the cheese a little more)

Finish with a splash of olive oil and dash of sea salt. Cut and enjoy.

Here is a shot of the bottom..
 and of course the bite...Yummy...

I think the easier something becomes, the easier it is to plan. Slip in a frozen dough loaf into the fridge and plan something great.. You could fill half of it up, with the same fillings, pop in oven and have a wonderful calizone.

Some things in life are just that simple...


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