Pepper Encrusted Steak Croutons on a Romaine Blue Cheese Salad

Pepper Encrusted Steak Croutons on a Romaine Blue Cheese Salad

It seems that when ever I get a good deal on steaks, I get enough for everyone and then always one more. That one more then becomes a wheel and dealing item in the fridge. I love it to myself, well yea, I cooked and slaved over it all. My kids, hmmm, they only want it if I do something with it for them. My husband the meat eater he is; will steal this and eat it, bare handed and cold, and then throw a nibble to the dogs.

Today, I shipped my crew off and I had the day alone. I decided to make a light lunch for such a beautiful sunny Saturday. I was smart and hid my little lonely last piece of steak. I thought and thought. What is better on a steak, than pepper and then blue cheese.. tomatoes would have been a great addition, but sadly that I didn't have.

So this salad was born. I took the time and cut up the steak in bite size, and it makes it such a more manageable salad, than, all that too big a bite, and chewing and chewing.

My Friday leftover, turned into a Saturday Lunch Special.

Pepper Encrusted Steak Croutons on a Romaine Blue Cheese Salad


1 piece of steak, already cooked, but if not you can cook it, I would say I like the 1 whole piece per person, but you could stretch it and get two out of it.

Pepper, plenty on hand, and you can judge how much you will like.

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 Romaine lettuce, I like to cut it into ribbons, I like the texture of it, and less of a big bite,

1/4 cup or less of blue cheese crumbles.

2 tablespoons of Kens blue cheese dressing (or any dressing) At this point, you may just mix a little sour cream and add you crumbles, but I like easy.


1. Cut the steak into little bite size pieces, that you can actually chew and they stay a bit tender.

2. Put the steak in a small saute pan, with the olive oil and plenty of pepper, and bring up the heat at the same time, turning it over and over so the pepper will start to mingle with the steak.

3. In a bowl, (I use a bowl with a lid, or you can use a gallon baggy) cut your romaine lettuce. I like it in ribbons, so I cut the bottom off and then cut go up about an inch at a time, This makes a nice salad, Put it in a bowl with the lid or a baggie, and pour in the 2 tablespoons of blue cheese dressing. Toss around until it is all coated.

4. Pour out into a nice size salad bowl and crumble blue cheese on top.

5. Add the hot, saute, peppery, steak, leave no juices in the pan, to the top of the salad.

and need I say more,,,,, the wow, is there... the heat from the salad, wilts a little of the lettuce, but then makes the blue cheese melt. Even that little bit of peppery, olive oil that was in the bottom is just so tasty and yummy.

I wanted to start sharing my recipes again. Especially the ones that take what you think is a left-over to a Main Star Dish.

I am all about the simple, and being thoughtful and mindful to what you buy in groceries and how you can use them to their fullest is a great way to keep costs down and dine well.

I am finding these days, that even in a restaurant you are not getting a satisfying meal, and half the time you really don't know what you are eating, and it is getting even more costly.

So hurry home, get back to the table, back to simple times.


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