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For the last year, I have been doing a few apps on my phone and all these apps are free. All I usually do is just scan the store receipts and collect a few bucks for doing virtually nothing. I wanted to share them with you, so if you would like to make a few bucks over the last year (2017), just for barely nothing.

The first one I do is

>Swagbucks, I downloaded their tool bar and use their search bar. I usually accumulate a few bucks a month. You can also do surveys and daily stuff to increase your bucks. I also use them to show my stores, like walmart, I get 3% percent back. After a while that adds up. You can usually cash in and get gift certificates, to best buy, lowes, walmart, amazon and then some cash cards. I usually use the amazon gift cards, cause we are amazon lovers. I have made over the last year with them over 200 dollars. **You can ask me for a referral and I will send you a link and then we can get points off of what each other make. Cool idea.

>Walmart, savings catcher. I usually make a few pennies, on them, but lately they have been competitive and not much kicking back.

> Ibotta - It is a little hard to keep up, the stuff doesn't change as often but I usually skim through it before I go to the store. I have made around 30 last year. I have it sent to me in a check, when it reaches inclements of 20.

> Check out 51 - Also is a little slimzy on the the items, but check them before you go anyway. I have made 30 dollars last year there too.

>Receipt Hog- This is just scanning all your receipts, it is a virtually do nothing and get points that add up to dollars. This also come to you in a check after you reach 20. I have made last year 25.

>Receipt Pal - again, just scanning your receipts, and they only allow 12 a week, but so far last year, 35 dollars and it drops into my pay pal.

I wanted to share so you too can take advantage of a little extra "mad money".

So for now ..

Keep it simple, because the simple things are the best.



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