New Beginnings April 2018 Hello Again

Hello again,

Yes, long time no hear from. Gosh, I was wondering around the other day, and I stumbled upon this blog that I have through the years have added a few things, a few recipes, updates, and thoughts. I am thinking as I am spring cleaning today that maybe it is time to get this puppy up and running again. I am planning to at least hit it up once a week to start and as I evolve a little more it will be more often. I would appreciate it, if you would like to follow me. Then I can keep up with the people who do like to check in with me. Please always feel free to comment and as I get better at the blogging I will do better stuff to keep up.

 I am also working on a kids site for parents, ideas of what I did for all those years entertaining all those extra kids. It is always handy to see what everyone else has been doing. I promise on the low end of the cost spectrum also.

I want to start developing more family friendly, healthy, life style changing meals. I am currently doing Weight Watchers, but in reality I do not see that forever. I am using it now to get control. It really lets you understand portion controls and how you can just about eat anything.

So for now, just checking in. Leave a comment and check back in with me. Say hello, or don't say anything at all.

For now
Keeping it simple, because the simple things are the best.



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