The Lynch Family Furbabies

Let me first introduce the new batch of fur babies, a little late, but at least you will know the characters in all the crimes that are committed by these two new Lynch additions.

Prelude to our new babies.

We lost our River our lab of 17 years in 2016. Then our sweet Brooklyn cat, ran off and we think she got eaten by the coyotes, that was 2016. After that it was our Molly and she was 21 years old and our Bear dog, he also was 16. So from all that information you can tell we loved our fur babies, like our kids and they lived the kids whole childhood. We actually got the one up top, the blondish one, Lucy Grace, to keep our Bear happy and not lonely and when he passed we got the black one, Daicota to keep Lucy happy and a playmate.

Some say, why get any more, because our hearts were broken with each loss. The return on all the love and devotion they gave us through the years were oodles more than the loss. They will always be in our hearts and memories forever. It truly is better to love and lost, than never love at all.

Let me present, these two are partners in crime. Lucy is 2 and Daicota is one.

Lucy Grace is the smallest one, skinny too, she eats like a horse and plays so hard with her sister. Yet she is the dominate one, she is the boss, she makes that 100lb lab mix lay on the ground. It is actually funny to watch. They are always together.
Lucy Grace has a personality all her own. She has what I call, people eyes, beautiful and I feel she understands every word you say. I say hey, watch my towel and she will grab my towel and run off with it. That's their game. She is actually quite the thief. She loves remotes, phones,cameras, clothes, and pillows.. Anything anyone has of value.

The Daicota is just a big 100lb ball of fire, she is so strong and so heavy, yet she is the baby. She acts like the baby. She has be nurtured and loved on, and hugged. She is part goat we think also. They both sleep in the bed all night. They go to bed at 9 and wake at 6. They actually keep on schedule.

So far this is all we have acquired in our home. My two oldest are too big for animals, or little animals and my 10 years old, would love a small one, but we have done it all. Hamsters, birds, snakes, guinea pigs, frogs, turtles, and even the ever loving throwback.. sea monkeys.. Yes, we did well with them. Until the dog drank them. A whole other story, maybe I will get a hankering to share in a while down the road.

I just wanted to set the stage, so that I can tell you some crazy stuff these two have been up to.

So for now..keep it simple, because the simple things are the best.

Feel free to follow me. I have lots to share and tell.


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