Snapps Cheddar Cheese Pepper Bites - Airfryer - New Item Review

Snapps Cheddar Cheese Pepper Bites

I found these on the same endcap in Walmart as the Snapps Greenbeans.
These were okay, There were only like 6 or so in the box. They tasted like the jalapeno poppers you can buy in the freezer section, just no actual jalapeno stuffed, but jalapeno maybe diced in them. In the airfryer they did get very crunchy. I did them at 400 for about 6 minutes. They were hot coming out so becareful.
WW not friendly the entire serving was 11 and I can think of better things beside 6 little cheese nuggets.
I will not buy these again. I think I like the real Jalapeno wrapped poppers. The price was just a dollar also. But is you need to satisfy a fattening craving this would work.

Life is just that simple...


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