Soap Box Tuesday.

I came back to day, I guess to vent.
I really would like to know, why is that some people expect so much from other people, when they do nothing to help themselves?
I truly believe that once you reach a certain age.. (the age I am talking about is over 40) that you should be independent and responsible for your own choices. I know that life can throw some big curves and yet some of us, can't handle them. But there are some that keep making things worse. They eventually make it so difficult to even help. It then just becomes a bandaid. A waste of time, effort and money. The reasoning becomes so cloudy. But yet these people can keep partying, eating out, playing, and living in disgusting situations. They never want to change. But they always try to seek me out. Knowing that I can' stand the lies, and the cons. They never want to hear the truth, and yet they ask me for the truth. It really just blows me away sometimes.
I would never hit someone when they are down, I am always the motivator, a guide to positive solutions and outcomes. I always give much more than I recieve, even if behind my back they take and then talk trash about me. They are always soooooo innocent and a victim. But sometimes I am so tired of banging the drum.
I, years ago, had a child (in 83) which is no longer with me due to an car accident. But that is another story. I will share with you at another date. When I am feeling inspired to share and not venting about ugly people. Any how, I picked myself up, and did what I had to do to survive. I lived with family with 6 kids. I slept in a bed with 4 of them. With rats crawling on me.. flies and dirt all around. I gave them all my paycheck, they took it all. I walked back and forth, night and day, hot and tired about 5 miles every way to and from. I cooked and cleaned for them. Pregnant. When I left, no one believed me on how hard it was there. They also talked nasty about me. So I know how hard life can be, but I survived and I truly hurt no one in the process. The same kind of people are all around us. Users and takers that can't survive or move forward. I guess the world is full of ugly acting people.
Can't people grow up. Just be decent. Respect for themselves and those around them. I guess all I can say is I will not change, and I will not become petty and selfish. I can only pray for their souls. But please get up and try to survive.. without taking prisoners, emotionally. I know you all can do it.
Thanks you for reading my vent..... It does feel better...
Till next time.
Take care..


Ann-Marie said…
I have people in my life who are selfish takers. They eat at you until you can't take it anymore. The best thing to do is to completely ignore them. Yesterday I changed my phone number to an unlisted number. I have only given the new number to my mom and brother. They are instructed to give it to know one.

I will say , You are a good person. Your a giver and don't let any takers take that from you.

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