May 10, 2008

Hey everyone, popping in early to say:

Happy Mother's Day

That goes for everyone. Even the women without children, I am sure they have someone that they love and tend to. When I am asked what I want for Mother's Day, I am always stumped. It seems that usually if I need it, I either wait for a bargain, or I figure out how to get it. A wise woman once said, " Every Day is Mother's Day" Every day you are a mother. It never changes, someone always needs lots of loving. Children, Family, and the animals. Shoot around my house, the birds, the cats, and the creatures of the house.

So for all those Happy Love Day to you all.

Will get back to you on Monday! So tomorrow, put your feet up and relax.. yea...right..You remember the joke, they mean well, get everything to cook and I end up, cooking it and cleaning it.. Sometimes only the mom...

Have a very Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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