May 31, 2008

Hello and well wishes to everyone..

This week ended in a celebration of my child completing 5th grade. For those who know me, know how difficult time we have had through the years. Not so much as with my child, but with the teachers that he seemed to get out of the lotto of life. But this will teach him about different people. I guarantee you he had a bunch. I think my fav was the one that called him "Billy" all year. To my surprise there was not even a Billy graduating. So who know’s where the woman got that name from. Knowing my son, he probably just kept answering the poor old thing. He is somewhat of an enigma. But hey he is my child, through and through. Finish elementary school was a great accomplishment and one of his milestones through the path of life.

Now the summer begins... "racers to your mark!!!!" I watch a few kids along with my own. So I can guarantee it will be a crazy 9 weeks. Gotta pace myself, Gotta pace myself.....

I was thinking of posting what us crazys have got planned for the week. Maybe it will be useful ideas for someone else. Kids are hard to keep entertained. My goal this summer is too keep them moving, and I will keep moving. See it is a win, win situation.

On a sad note, last Sunday. The neighbors dogs were lose (they swore, they didn’t know they could get out) now come on! I yell everytime they are around. I assure you I can yell sooooo loud that they can hear me a state over. Geeeee, I know my own talents. But anyhow.... We have been collecting and rescuing turtles. We made them an outside terrarium (10' by 12') they were so happy. We had them for over a year and we got to see their life cycles. Hibernation, egg laying and even feeding them every day. Well these little dogs, got in there and carried them off. I am praying that they used their defense and stayed in the shell and the puppies got bored. Talk about a combinations of emotions. I was so angry, but in reality, you can’t blame the dogs, it is only their instinct. You could blame the owners, but accidents happen. I could blame myself for leaving them exposed. The lesson I think we have to learn here it that things happen. No matter how much time, effort or love we put into something, sometimes, things happen to change it all. We need to take from this experience just the positive things and forget the negative. I guess there you go.."It is better to love and lost, than to never love." or something like that.
So here we go... get up, brush it off and start again.. I am sure there will be more turtles that need a little Lynch love..

My Tips ... Just me talking to you...

What's cooking this week!

Well it is going to start getting hot this week here in Georgia. I am going to try to keep less oven stuff going. Also with the additional kids, time is a factor, and take out is not the answer.
No recipes this week. But I am going to try the yellow slaw and if it is good I will post it next week. I am also working on recipes for the "sandwich maker" great for kids and summer time.

We are having:
hotdogs/yellow slaw and greek seasoned potatoe wedges
tuna noodle casserole (old standby)
Romaine salad with ginger dressing / boneless ribs
Miscellaneous appetizers (that is the small of bags of all the appetizers that we bought to try and had a bit left. ( always use everything)
Chicken and Brocolli and rice.

For the kitchen:

The garbage bowl. I know everyone thinks "Rachel Ray" invented the garbage bowl. But in truth I have been using one for years. Maybe cause it is easy to put it all in there. Or it is that lazy factor.... I love that term.

Healthy Ideas / My progress

(You know anytime, anyone has a comment or a cool idea I am always up to sharing.)
I wish that I had a great new idea to the word diet. But I don't all I can tell you is not to ever quit trying. These last two weeks have been a whirlwind for me.. In the positive I have not gained any, yet not lost either. I have been running ragged and believe me.. I really think you got to make a conscience effort. I think that sometimes, is the key. It has to be balanced. When you have so much going on. Have children, sometimes you get lost in it all. I have been trying very hard to take the time for me. Sometimes, I feel so selfish. Sometimes I feel that I need someone to say, "Hey, I got that reigns, you go do what you gotta do". That however is the feeling I need to deal with, and I really didn't want to go and vent.. But I decided that this blog was going to be real. I want to be as real and open as I can possibly be without incriminating any


Oh yea, I have now taken my walking dvd and put it in the portable dvd player. Balanced it on the old ladder of the pool... get this I do it in the pool. NO HUFFING<> EASY ON MY JOINTS>>>>EASY PEEZY>>>.. I recommend anything you do, get a splash pool. Don't need anything big. Mine is a pond.. BUT it is all mine

Well on that note, I will finish up. Wish me luck this week.. "Racers Take Your Mark"
Everyone have a good one.. Keep cool, keep happy, keep positive, drop me a line sometime....


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