Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

I hope this note finds everyone happy, healthy, and enjoying this wonderful day. Please remember to take a moment and remember all those that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Also remember our troops that are serving.

This week has been a pretty ordinary one for me. Not much sleep, been a full moon and around here we never sleep, I am always just uncomfortable and the animals are always on edge. I guess because it lights everything up. But hopefully I can get a few winks before the weekend is over.

I have been busting my hump trying to get organized for the summer (9) weeks of kids. I watch a few kids along with my own two. Gives mine someone to play (fight with) hahahah. I have planned lots of stuff to do. I really get back to the basics, parachute, hopscotch, freeze tag, and all those things I played when I was little. I make everyone leave the video games at home. Also I only use the tv for rest time and maybe on Movie Day. I make everyone play together, no sissy marys around here. I have also gotten out all the games I had laying around. Everyone probably remembers these classics, monopoly, life, memory, scrabble, chutes and ladders and the infamous candy land. Weeeeee won’t I be busy, jealous? Come join me, the more the merrier.

We also got our 15' splash pool up. Like I said before it said 1 hour set up. We end up in a heated argument on whether or not it is even and will it tip over. Then right after that they get in it and splash the waves.. It holds, yea, yea! The splash pools works for me. I bought a timer and the filter kicks on for 3 hours during the week and 6 on the weekends. I only have to change and clean filter once a week. Then add a bit of clarify, and algaecide. It stays pretty nice. My neighbors have the big 24' up ground, and if I position my float just right it looks like I am sitting in their pool. Mine is a pond compared to theirs, but at the right angle I am on the ocean. So sometimes the grass is a bit greener in someone elses yard..HAahaha! A nice hat for my head, (yea, I look real purty) and some sunglasses and I am at peace. Until some one jumps on me.. But it keeps us cool.

My tips ....... just me talking to you.

Whats cooking at this house this weekend. It has been hot here lately so I think I am off to the crockpot this week.


I make a combination pinto and black beans in the crockpot. Then I brown the meat with onions and garlic. Adding the beans, one can of tomatoe puree, and meat mixture. Leave in crock pot for a few more hours.

Breaded Flounder sandwiches
(Sam's club, sells some awsome flounder fillets)

Pork potatoes

Pork Butt in crock pot.
Cook with no water for 6 hours on high, then drain juice and pull apart and add bq sauce.

Bake Potatoes: Clean potatoes, poke, rub with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake at 400 for one hour.

Baked Ziti

1box of penne noodles
1 sauce in can
1 container of rigatta cheese
1/4 cup motzerella cheese

Cook noodles, mix in sauce and rigatta cheese. Put in casserole, sprinkle with motz cheese and bake till warmed and melted.

For the kitchen

Inventory... a new word for me.. I am inventoring everything I have food wise in the cabinets. In this day and time with food so high. I decided to see what I really had on hand. I found a few surprises. I am using up all the stuff before buying again. I think that keeps me from overbuying. If anyone got an idea for canned asparagus let me know..

Healthy Ideas

I bought a clear quart container. I also bought a cantaloupe, strawberries, banana, apples, grapes (you could do what ever you like to mix.) I know fruit is expensive, but I tried to buy just a bit of everything so it made big thing. Crazy, but hey it works. On Saturday, I cut all this up and mixed it together putting it in the clear container. I use this when I have that sweet attack. When it gets to where no one is eating it, (before it gets to the point of bad) I save everything at my house. I will then make sugar free jello and pour the fruit mix in each 1 cup containers and pour jello over it and refrigerate. Then I have single serving cups. They then will last a bit longer.

Diet/ Exercise

Well now it seems that I am moving more than ever. I think that may be part of my success. Even if I am sitting, I have found something to move about. I also went our in our little bitty pond pool and did a lot of leg exercises. I felt really good when I finished. So my advice this week is just move. Even if it is only 5 of something, it is 5 more than you would have done. Please don’t give up. Every day for me is a battle. I am not super human and I have my bad days. Feel free to comment and share, sometimes sharing makes the bad days not sooooo bad.

Well like I said last week was very uneventful. Thank you!!!! Next week will be short too. It is the last week for my children at school. Next year my daughter will be a senior and my son will be 6th grade... oh, my. I just sometimes wonder where has all the time gone. I will close for now, cause I am sure I have taken some of your time. Thanks again for stopping by...see you soon....


Anonymous said…
Just keep moving - I'll keep reading your blog for inspiration. I am just about to start losing some weight too, I'm 225 and I hope to get down to 175. Sounds like you're on the right track :)

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