Monday, May 12, 2008

I know, I know, I dated this for Monday and it is only Sunday. I was afraid that I would just get so busy, that I wouldn't make time to keep my commitment to this blog.
I hope that atleast I am making someone smile, or even a casual thought as to what the crazy stuff I can write about.
Let me tell you about my Mother's Day..
Help, can I come live with you?
First let me tell you, I love my family, wouldn't be able to do without them.. But today.. You know those days, when nothing makes a lick of sense and you are sooooo overwhelmed just trying to do the basic things. It seems around here as if you want to do something, you have to do ten things to get to that something. And besides that my two dogs, they are both over 50lbs., when someone raises their voices they run and they run up under me.. Yes, mother to two big dogs. I was aching from putting up the splash pool. That is entirely its own story. The end of this story became full of screaming, crying and finally the quiet hush, of everyone hiding, till, I cooled off. The one thing that kills me, is the bathroom. I have a husband and one boy, they are so much alike it is scarey. I can't for the life of me understand how it gets sooooo dirty.. and how two men can use sooo much toilet paper and still tread marks on their I just had to say it.. That really made me feel good....Well after finally laying down and cooling off, I came to the conclusion that I needed to stop and start again tomorrow.. Cause I can promise you, it will still be there.

Now yesterday we put up the 16' splash pool that we usually have. And I of course power lifted the side poles to let my husband put dirt under to level the pool. This pool says on side of box.. "easy to put together... one hour" yea and who wrote this one. Probably the same people who said to have a "happy period".... Another good one.. I am so making myself laugh. So I guess this blog is good for something. Every year for the last 5 years we struggle with the level of the pool and every year it still holds up. Now that I have written this they will dive bomb it and send it collapsing into the yard. Everything happens around here.

I posted a picture of my new kitten.. her name is Brooklyn. You don't think we are from NY or something do you???? I think though we should name her Sweeny Todd. The barber who sliced necks. She actually sat on the bed the other night and watch the movie with me and my daughter. Then the next morning under the chair is a dead mouse...with no joke...on its back..with its neck sliced... oh no...oh yes...

Well now that I have shared my wonderfull weekend with you.. I hope you enjoyed my blog this week..

My Tips.... Just me talking to you...

Whats cooking in my house this week:
>Steaks and Portabella Mushrooms (since I was angry Mothers Day..) I get to make them Monday.. yea.....
>Tuna Melts
no good recipes to share this week..
>oh no.. I got one.. on my Frugal Village we started a thread about Pantry Diving and what can you make from what you beans it was...yea
I had a can of sweetened condensed milk.. you know know what they said to do... take the can and boil it for 4 hours, keeping the water above it.. and then let it cool.. guess what it makes.. carmel sauce.. I am going to try it.. but the 4 hours watching it is a tough one..

For the Kitchen
I premade the PBJ sandwiches for my son. This keeps from waste and over doing it. I will make that jar of PBJ (it is all in one jar) last a bit longer

Healthy Ideas
I keep a container of precut celery and carrots in water. Quick and easy to get to.
I also found a carry container that you fill the bottom and put the dip in a container on top. All insulated with a small ice pack thingy under the dip container. Makes for a healthy treat.

I have order a new tape for the dvd for walking in your living room.. I am hoping that I can get them all up and walking with me.. Will post on how it does..

Well I am ready to venture into another week. This week my Daughter will turn 17. Gosh do they grow quickly..
Everyone have a great week and I will see you soon.


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