May 18, 2008

Well hey to everyone. This week has been really nice.
My daughter turned 17 last Thursday and from that point on it seems as if the end of the week and the weekend have flown together in a blurr. I really can't believe that today is Sunday. A day of rest.... not here.
Yesterday, we had an outside party for my daughters birthday, the usual, hot dogs , hamburgers, lots of sun and water. It was really great. But it seems that as we party on the outside the black flies came inside to enjoy the cool air. I put up fly strips before I went to bed, got the majority of them.. but I came to find a very big, black one....ewwwwwwwwwww...
I am sitting at the computer and I hear the parakeets, just a chirping up a storm, so I proceed to get up and low and behold there is the big black fly....(?) on the end of the strip. I hung the strip on the end of a drapery rod in the front window. In a safe The baby kitten climbed up the cage to get to the parakeets and fell backwards into the fly strip. I find the cat on top of the parakeet cage with the end of the fly strip stuck to its butt. I can't reach it. So I take off the drapery rod, and it looks like a fishing pole with the strip as the string and the cat as the catch. I pull up and out and the kitten is dangling on the end. My son, grabs her and pulls one way and I the other, freeing her. Now we have a kitten with fly strip goooooo all down her back. Need I also say, she has bird feathers stuck to her.. And old fashion tar and
Oh, It gets better, I had to wash her in peanut butter, to get the sticky out. She climbed up me to get away from the water and peanut butter, up my tooooo big tank top (losing weight is great) and pulls it all the way down. Meanwhile I am trying to pull my shirt up, wash the cat. My daugher is yelling concentrate... I am laughing... and as usual having to run to the bathroom ( you know bladders!..) I rinsed the kitten as well as I could. Told my son to keep her with him, so the dogs wouldn't think she was a peanut butter cookie... and eat her. She is doing much better, she took a long nap after that and so did I ........
So I guess that was the cap to a beautiful weekend..

My tips.. Just me talking to you...

What's cooking at my house this weekend..
You know I have found that if I have a plan or a menu of what I am doing for the week that I in turn save money and time. Keeps the fast food away..
This week..
Leftovers Hamburgers and Hotdogs
Crockpot Lasagne
Tuna Casserole
No new recipes this week. I will try to find something easy and inexpensive to make next week. With the summer coming I want to try to keep it light.. any ideas, let me know.

For the Kitchen
I have found another tip that keeps me from giving up and doing the fast food dance it to keep my sink clear and clean from dishes. For some reason when it is full, it kinda makes me not wanna cook.. give it a try..

Healthy Ideas
Water, Water, Water.. I try to drink it all the time. But you know it still doesn't thrill me. I found these really cool packets of lemon and lime (real) powered. They have really been a help to the water..

Diet/ Exercise
COOL beans.. found a walking dvd Leslie Sansone. It is really cool. When you are done you don't even know you walked that far. I have only done it twice.. But I will get back and let you guys know how it is in a few weeks. I am going to make the kids all do it this summer. Made a rolling media cart with a small tv and a dvd player on it. Figured I could roll it out on the driveway and get the all moving.. worth a try...

Well enough of me for one day.. If you have any comments or ideas, please feel free to share..
My love to all and keep on doing the best you can every day..
And be sure to check all fly traps....hahahahaha


Dot said…
I found your blog through Frugal Village.

I'm heehawing over your kitten story!!! LOL That could have won you $100,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos. LOL

You have great tips. I too am losing weight and trying to be frugal at the same isn't easy.

I'm going to add your blog to my Bloglines subscriptions. I look forward to reading more of your good tips.

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