Another Hit Recipe

I was sitting around something to tame this craving for pizza, I really didn't want to order out and spend all that money, since I am the only one home.
So I created this quickie and I wanted to share...

1 pillbury pizza dough crust.. (but you could use any crust)
10 cheese sticks ( but you know also, you could save the cost, and buy a block of motzerella and then cut into fingersticks, that way you save some money)

Parchment Paper ( my fav lately, it is so easy to work with)
Pre heat at 400

I layed a piece of parchment paper the size of my pan on my counter. Sprayed with Pam spray and then rolled out my pizza crust (square)
I started at one end and placed a cheese stick a space and then another, rolled up in the dough once and then cut and pinch the ends, making sure no cheese was peaking out. I continued to do this till I got 10 of them. I just respaced them with about 1" around them on the parchment paper and put on cookie sheet. Sprayed pam on top, I used a bit of garlic salt on top and then sprinkled lightly with Parm cheese.
I put them in the preheated oven and by the time they were brown they were done. Watch them cause it happens fast.
I opened a can of marinara or even spagetti sauce and dipped them in there. I could only eat two. They were big, and watch also the cheese is hot and melty. They were really great.

You could make these on the small size for parties and use those pre-squared cheese bites and cut like baby ravioli. Or even better yet do it around the crust of the pizza pie. Just like the big boy pizza places.
They were just really easy and you will enjoy them.

Let me know if you try them..


Anonymous said…
This recipe sounds great! I couldn't live without parchment paper, LOL. Nice blog!

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