Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well hey to everyone...
My family is officially on the road to the big apple...NYC.... they should be there at the way they are going.. I would say about 8. They are really enjoying the ride, thank goodness for cell phones, it is just like being there with them.. I of course could not go.. it was planned at the last moment and seeing as I watch other peoples children, I can't just pick up and we have our own animal children. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, (ouch.....the baby cat slid down my leg, just now) 1 rabbit and two birds. It seems that since all the family has left that the animals are very needy.. I haven't been anywhere in the house alone. Even when I went out side to get in the pool they were all up on the new ladder deck, that my husband made me.. just watching me.. gosh I wish they could talk.

I thought today that I would relax and get over the most yuckies stomach virus I have ever had.. I had the throwing up for two nights and the dreaded (other end ) for about 4 days.. talk about uncomfortable.. I also have to continue to eat and drink so that I don't dehydrate and mess up my diabetes.. so I am much better. I prayed everynight that no one else would catch it..imagine driving to NYC and getting it..uuuuggggghhhh " still hoping no one gets it.. would be nasty at someone else's house..

This morning, I have done alot of cleaning. Goodness never imagined how much you can get down with anyone around. I do have to climb over the animals, but I am really cleaning hard.
I have to pace myself or it will all be done...hahahahahha..never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooking this week

Well guessing from what I wrote above, there wasn't too much cooking.. Alot of running...lahahahahaha!!
Feed my family alot of grilled cheese, sandwiches, and soup.
I myself consider this a few lbs weight loss, a purging of all yuck in my colon.. now I am clean and ready to go....yuck....ahahah

Well I am going to go... the kitten won't let me write any more.. Hang in there and always keep in touch..
My love to all...


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