Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am soooo sorry, I didn't make it by on last Sunday.. weeeeee.... my weeks are long and hard.. Watching my kids and the various others, wears me out. I am not the normal bonbon and soap woman. I get all my house chores done from 6am to 7am. Then I leave breakfast for my own children in the oven and pack my little basket. My phone, my cell phone, my medicine, my electric razor (just in case I have a moment alone before anyone comes..) bug bite stuff, bandaid, small dixie cups, ( for the dry cereal and the water for the little ones ) my sugar checker, and any other odd stuff for the morning. We have been spending the morning until 10am on the carport. My husband made me two tables 4' by 2' and you can sit 2 of those plastic white lawn chairs on both sides. I also have two small size picnic table.. I keep a few playsets, chalk, games, and an art box. I hung up two matching ( I try to make it nice) sheets to block the sun. It actually stays very cool out on the carport until 10 sometimes we go a bit longer and have lunch outside. After that I have plans for them all day long. We do crafts once a week, the pool once a week. I arrange various games.. In a simple word we are like busy, busy, and more busy. By the time the evening comes, it is dinner, clean up and poor mommy is asleep.
So I decided I would drop by tonight to wish all a safe and Happy Fourth of July..
Everyone please be careful and have a good time.

This week I have devised a new plan for my groceries. I call it the "New Save"

Just me talking to you....

What's cooking last week...(missed it last week)

"New Save"
I had a container of cornbread sitting in the fridge. I didn't eat but one piece of it and now we had hit day 4, no one was eating it. So I decided to revamp it. I took the cornbread and crumbled it up. Put in minced onion, minced celery, poultry seasoning, chicken boulion, a can of chicken I had laying around. Mixed together and moistened with warm water. I could have baked this and served like that. Instead I pattied it and fried it in olive oil. I really turned out good.

This week also did a italian sausage and peppers. I put the italian sausage (6 pack) dry in the crock pot. Left on low a bit till cooked. Removed and diced up. Put on low and cut up onions and peppers and a small can of tomatoe sauce. ( I also add garlic) Left it a few more hours. I served it on french bread. I actually ate mine with the juice also like a soup. You could put it on pasta too. progress

Not much to report. I am down to 240 now so that is 8 lbs since school was out. I stopped beating myself up over not getting to do my regular exercise routine. There are 4 more weeks left of summer vacation and I can start a new one. Life it to short to stress over it. I just try to swim more, move more and find exercise in anything I do.

Kitchen Ideas

I have decided to inventory all my cabinets, and use up what I have laying around. I have been pulling out of the freezer all week. So this week is a "no store" week. All I bought was milk, a bag of ice, and two fresh loaves of french bread... stressed out bread butter and a diet coke...yea...

Well I have to be signing off.. Gonna take a swim to destress. And then a big ole ice tea and my bed.
Happy Fourth to all.
Keep in touch....


harriet said…
Thank you... Good read.. So far I can Call your blog my summer reading. Can't wait for the next installment.
P.S> Way to go on the 8lbs. Keep up the good work.

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