Hey, I guess I am getting slow and behind on my blog... this summer has been a busy one. I lose a few kids I watch and I gain back more than what I lost. It is a never ending circle.

I am posting a cool picture of my son, he is going to be the next animal guy. He is good looking..mmm... looks much like his mother...naw, actually alot more like my husband. This Dragon he is wrestling is however just a statue, thank goodness, cause I am sure he would try to bring it home to live with us. He spent 4 hours at the zoo, and he must have looked at everything. Tried his hand at making a video at the Panda's. I will have to see how I can post that one. He is a natural. This week I went and bought a small video camera, just the little one. For him to practice. I am trying to nurture this side of him. The educational side, (schooling) is not one of his strong suites.

As for the last couple of weeks, just been doing the same things. Did inventory on all my cabinets and freezer. Making that food dollar stretch. I am a real creative little thing.

I am in the process of getting my husband and two kids ready to journey to NYC again on Friday. I am not going, one cause it was too soon a notice, and two we have a zoo here that can't be left alone. The husband feels the need to visit Yankee Stadium just one more time before the tear it down. His father used to take him and his brothers all the time, since they lived close by. It was their pass time.. Yes, it is die hard Yankees all the time around here.

I will miss them, but I still have kids to watch. The hard part will be the evenings, but atleast I won't be cooking and fighting.. I will still miss that.. I am sure the dogs will keep me company.

It is only for a week and then back into the fold. For the next few years they won't be able to go anywhere, we are getting ready to do an addition on the deck and renovate the kitchen. I will post as we go along..

Just me talking to you...

Cooking this week


I shredded these and put in crock pot, no water then the onions and peppers.

Let them cook till done and they turned out great. No mess

Pickled Beets and Eggs

Got a craving for these purple eggs from my childhood. I just had to make them

hard boiled eggs, peeled and put in a jar.

1 can of beets, juice and all

vinegar to cover and I used splenda instead of sugar

then you wait a few days, the longer you wait the more purple saturates them...

mmmm.... they were soooooooo good..

This week I am working on my chicken and dumplings.. I just love those too.

And for my family, these will ring a bell..

egg salad w/bacon in it.

pickled eggs / beets

chicken dumplings

chicken liver pate

I just love these.....

Healthy note

On a healthy note. I have done the walking DVD in the pool, it is so much easier. I although only go the one mile for fear that the cat is going to push the DVD player in the pool. I will have plenty to write about then.

So guys gotta get running time for the nap time to be over. I will post more next week when I get a minute.. which I am sure I will have since I will be familyless for a few nights.

Keep in touch..


Thomas Richard Bird


"Time passes so quickly. You may be gone from this world, but you are forever in our hearts. One day we will all meet again. "


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