Sloppy Joes

We just had one of those good quick childhood recipes Fits neatly in the category of less for more and for these tough money times and it works great with kids and adults.

Sloppy Joe’s is one of those quickies, everyone likes meals. Please make sure you check out next blog, with pics,and I will show you a great way to make single servings of the leftovers and maybe put an end to those fast food stops coming home. Homemade things are better because you know what you put in it. For these Sloppy Joes, I used 90/10 ground beef, because that is what we like. I do know that you can use regular ground beef and after browning it into chunks, put in strainer and run hot water over it, that will get rid of a lot of the fat. You can also use ground turkey.

My Mom used to make these a lot. Well of course with six kids you had to have a big quantity of everything. It took me years to program myself to cook smaller, since I had watched her wipe something up for eight people at a time. She is a wonderful cook, and I always like sharing what she taught me.

I want to share a favorite story about my Mother. I love telling this one,when making that late night snack. When I was little, my Mom (after we were supposedly in bed) would go in to make herself a snack, a grilled cheese. She was super quiet, but the minute she would get started we would smell it and come running... So instead of her having to make one grilled cheese she had to make everyone one. So that would be seven more and then never failed after that someone would want something sweet so she would start again and do a grilled peanut butter with jelly, another eight sandwiches with milk. Needless to say we all went to bed with full happy stomachs.

She is a wonderful Mom, always seemed to make those other sandwiches, with a loving heart and a smile on her face. Then she would clean up and send up all back to bed.

Memories that I cherish always.. Thanks Mom, yes something so small would mean the world to me.

Mom Watson’s Sloppy Joes


3lbs of ground beef (any kind you like, ground turkey, ground beef)
(don't forget tip: to defat regular ground beef)
(if you use more meat, use more spices)
(I have at time made 5lbs and froz some)(Please check out tip on how to make single servings at a snap, on the next blog)

¼ cup of brown sugar (you can taste, sometimes they like it a little sweeter) (but isn’t that what spoons are for anyway.. test away)

2 long squirt of yellow mustard

4 long squirt of ketchup


Brown up the meat and drain any fat off. Then add the brown sugar (I have used the splenda brown sugar and it worked real well, just in case you were wondering) next the mustard and then ketchup. Heat up until the sugar is completely melted into the sloppy Joe. Make sure it is extra sloppy.

We eat it all different ways here. I personally like a squirt of yellow mustard and a little bit of sweet relish on mine. Also I am always watching what I eat so I usually split my buns and make two little Sloppy Joe hills and eat with a fork.
My kids like it just the way it is. My son likes it to start with about four.

I hope you give it a try, cause it was easy, cause it did stretch the meat, and just because it sure just brings the kid out of ya.

I hope you found this blog interesting and fun. I always have fun sharing so I hope you find it as much fun to read and try it.

I hope that in reading this, it finds you happy, and healthy. I wish you the best always out of life. Enjoy the moments that come every day. May your journey always be a safe one. Love from my home to yours…..


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