Mama Pasta

Good morning to all my family and friends that read this crazy blog.

This week my oldest son is out of school and I have been trying to keep him fed. We know how difficult that is. They are empty pits and can never be filled. By the time I serve everyone, he is finished up.

I try to be as frugal as I can, when I buy groceries, always looking for ways to save. You do know that you can save by not throwing leftovers away. At my house I have to transpose that leftover into a completely different meal or they won’t touch it.

This time we had left over spaghetti. I always seem to make a bit extra just to make another meal. A good way to store your leftover spaghetti is to put it in a container and fill with cold water. I find that if I use it in a few days it isn’t stuck together and it is still okay and not mushy.

This recipe is a quickie for a breakfast, or even for a lunch. I want to say they call it “Mama Pasta” but it has been awhile and I have tweaked it so much, so yea Mama Pasta.

Mama Pasta

Leftover spaghetti
Olive oil
Garlic (if I don’t have fresh, I use a bit of garlic powder, just a smidge)
Parmesan cheese ( the jar stuff is cool in a pinch, but I keep a container of real grated pharmasean for this and other things like cheese crisps…mmmm, that is another post..)
1 egg (beaten)


I put some olive oil in a pan, just to coat and drop in leftover spaghetti. Tossing it in the olive oil till warmed, then add a bit of garlic, then add beaten egg and parmesan cheese and keep tossing till the egg and cheese are incorporated into the spaghetti. I have also dropped fresh spinach in at the end. Really amped up the vitamins and made it a really sustainable meal.

Serve and enjoy.

I am sure you can add a bit of fresh herbs or even add some bacon bit to spice it up. Either way it was really easy, and very tasty.

So before you toss that bit of something, think about how you can make it into something delicious and enjoy it.

I really appreciate all the comments, I have been receiving. Thanks for taking time out to read my blog. I am a work in progress, so bear with me. I am always trying to share, so that maybe I will make someone’s life easier or just more interesting.

Love to all.


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