Soda Cake

Wanted to share a quickie, cake recipe. If you have not tried this yet, it is worth trying and so quick.

Soda Cake


1 cake mix
1 can of soda ( I used diet, cause I like the illusion of guilt free) (funny right!)


Pour soda into a bowl. Pour in cake mix and stir (folding in) to get it all wet. Don’t over whip it, just enough to get the mix wet.

Pour into a cake pan.
Tip: I use parchment paper in all my pans, less mess, and clean up.

Bake at 350, keep an eye on it. I thought that it baked much quicker.

When it was done, it was delicious. The only down side that I found was that it was crumbly, but really moist. Solution that I used was to scoop in bowls, and put chocolate sauce on it. Like a spoon cake. It was really a great, quick dessert and the family loved it.

Actually it was polished off in one sitting.

I hope you take a minute to try it. I would post a picture but it was gone by the time I could find the camera.

Here are some soda, cake mix combinations that I found researching the recipe.

orange cake /diet Mountain Dew
diet orange soda/ white cake mix (like a creamsicle
cherry chip cake / A& W diet Cream soda
diet lemon + lemon;
angel or yellow cake/orange diet pop
diet peach with white cake
spice cake/ diet lemon-lime pop
diet ginger ale + white
diet cherry sodas in chocolate cake
Diet cola + devils food or chocolate mix
diet vanilla coke in chocolate cake
devils food cake with diet Vanilla coke
diet root beer with chocolate cake
diet cherry coke with chocolate cake
marble cake + diet cream soda

I also saw where another recipe added two egg white to make it fluffier and stay together more.

Well off to see what the day will bring today..

I think on the menu for today is Chili and hot dogs. Some days I just have to do simple.

Today do something “out of the box”, doesn’t have to be anything big.. maybe just a “Soda Cake”. A bit of a change up, can spark the day. Have a great time!


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