Tip for making Single Servings ..check it out!




I am posting pictures with this one.

Tip: This puts the leftovers and makes it so they can make their own.

Take a muffin tin and put in the paper cupcake cups. Fill each cup to the rim with the Sloppy Joe meat.

Place in freezer for an hour or two, till solid.

Pop the cups out and put in freezer bag, be sure to label.

Then when you want a quick Sloppy Joe, pop in a bowl and nuke for 1 minute and put on the bun. Just like you made them right then.

So 99 cent menu can kiss my hiney. This is a real neat way to stop throwing money out the window and know what you are eating and feeding your kids.

I am also going to do this with the pull pork bq I made last night. In my house the single servings make it easier to keep track of what I eat and easy for the kids to make it themselves.


Liz Reynolds said…
i love it you are always so creative...
miss you

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