Powdered Cheedar Cheese wwpp=1pt (1/4 cup)

Cheddar Cheese Powder, 1 lb.
 Powdered Cheddar Cheese

I bought this on Amazon.com (I am going to try to post a link, first time for everything)

I just love popcorn, and my all time favorite is cheese. When the kids were little I would pop a few batches and put in a giant container (one I recycled at Halloween or Christmas that had pretzels in it) and then I would snag a pack of the cheese that came in the macaroni and cheese. Mine was usually the generic kind and not Kraft, always trying to save a dime. I would put in the popcorn and then pour the cheese (dry) mix on top. Put the lid on and shake.. Oh, I could eat it all.

I am also a cheezit girl. I guess that is why I am doing well on a controlled diet.

I have not tried this on anything, but popcorn. It was really tasty. It helps first if it is air popped maybe just a spritz of Pam spray and then the cheese.. kinda sticks better.

Okay, this is a 1/4 of a cup. Not too bad a portion. This came to 1 Weight Watcher Points Plus. Yes, only 1 and that is a good deal. For those who are not doing WW it is like only 49 calories per quarter cup.

I chose to store it in a quart mason jar, and it fit perfectly.


Like I stated above, I haven't used this for anything else, YET...

So if you are a cheesy craver like me, this will prove to be a useful tool. I am also looking into their powdered eggs and egg white, will let you know if I try them.

So my friends get out there and make the day yours....


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