Turkey Sliders (wwpp= 4pt per slider)


I wish I could say that this is a completely weight watcher meal..but alas I can't. It can be a weight watcher meal, but you have to have self control.  Promise me is you are doing weight watchers then you really need to only buy the hawainia rolls that you need per person, or have a teenage son.

DO NOT BUY 24 for a family of 5 or you will be disappointed in your self-control. These were soooo good. I actually had 4 and I will go without a snack for night time. I am proud that I didn't suck down anymore than I did. I was really tempted.

I was inspired by an idea I had seen on the internet to make a sheet of hamburger patties, and this was my take on it.

I am also going to give a try to chicken cutlets thinly and breaded. The rolls tasted close to chick fila's. I bet that would make a tasty slider. Doing the meat this way and the rolls, made it a quick, easy way to feed my bunch.

I also made this recipe for 24 rolls, you can do a smaller package, just remember to make the meat atleast 6 more inches or so bigger than the pkg of rolls.

Turkey Sliders    wwpp=4pt per slider


2lbs of 98% lean ground turkey. (I used 2 and 1/2 lbs, I will show you in a bit what I did that for)

1 minced onion



dill relish or dill pickles

1 package of 24 Hawainn rolls.. (what can I say but oh yea)


1) Take a large sheet pan, larger than the package of rolls.. about 3 inches more all around. It will shrink while it is cooking. (I also drained the juice off the meat, halfway through. Didn't want it to overflow and make a bigger mess for me to clean.)

2) Spread the ground turkey into the whole pan, pressing it down like a pizza crust.

3) I actually took my pkg of rolls and layed it near the bottom (on top of the ground turkey), and moved up about 3 inches and then on top of the actual pkg another 3 inches. Made a small line to show top. And then a small line to show the middle of the actual slidder meat.

**( The extra turkey left over, I seasoned with greek seasoning, I will cut this off after it cooks and slice into thin chunks, I will use thise to make gyro's tomorrow.) See I told you I didn't like to waste.

*here's a shot of the greek seasoning I used.

4) The reason why I made a half way is that my kids don't like onions. So on one half I slathered the onions.

5) Pop it in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes.

* I also checked it and drained it half way. (Just the crazy in me, could just picture it overflowing into my stove..more work..ugh) 

Then finish it until cooked. Don't panic it will shrink.(That is why I used a larger pan.) (It also made such really great patties)

6)When it was done, I again, layed the package along the side of the pan, to make sure I had enough meat for each slider. (keeping this as one big piece)

** (cut off my section I seasoned with greek seasoning, for my gyros)

7) While meat is cooking split the entire package of rolls in half, cutting through like you are cutting open a bun. Lay them out.

8) Flip the meat onto the bottom slab of rolls, on top I put ketchup, mustard and dill pickle relish. You could use slices but it takes a bit of planning.

9) Put top on. Take your trusty pizza cutter and follow the lines of the rolls.

This made exactly 24 sliders. Weight Watcher point wise...the roll was 3 and it came to about 1 oz or less of meat per pattie. So I figure about 4 points a piece.

Aren't they just pretty..


These were really a great hit. I was actually full after 2, but the taste was so amazing. Really close to a great little mini burger. Next time we make them, I think we will do a bun recipe (with a bit of sugar) in the bread maker and see if we can fine tune a smaller ww number, or even make it a little less in calories. I will make this again and again.

With the extra meat that I cooked, I seasoned it with the greek seasoning and put on a small flour tortilla and loaded it with tomatoes, lettuce, onion and a tsziki cucumber sauce and we had faux gyros.

If you give this a try, holler back..
Remember get out there, enjoy the day.. and make it yours..



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