Spinach Balls (re-make of the Bisquik Recipe) wwpp= 1pt

Spinach Balls

Everyone I am sure has made at some point in their lives, Sausage Balls, and actually I think my old beat up recipe is a copy of the Bisquick one. I can make this without even looking at the recipe. These are always the best at holidays. Over the years I have fine tuned the recipe, adding fresh garlic, minced onion and now this time spinach.

I am doing weight watchers and I was craving something a bit indulgent, fingery food type of something. Of course I keep my spinach handy. This recipe worked better with the frozen spinach. I just thawed it out and drained it.

Spinach Balls


12 oz bag of frozen spinach, (thawed and drained) ( I was looking at a recipe for the Bisquick spinach balls and they called for 9oz, but I have to make sure I do not waste, I just used the whole bag. Where would I keep the other 3 oz?)

1 and 1/4 cup of Bisquick Mix

2 cups of shredded fat free cheddar (in the Bisquick recipe it said mozzarella, but to me a cheese ball is cheddar)

1/4 cup of egg substitute

Italian seasoning

garlic salt

3 tbs of minced onion ( I used one green onion, minced up)


1) Mix all ingredients together, it will be kinda sticky and that is okay.

2) Roll into small balls ( I find if you wet your hands a little they didn't stick and they rolled better)
Put on a sheet pan ( I put foil on mine and spray with Pam.)

*** When you are rolling, I rolled medium size balls which gave me 24, you could roll smaller and get bite size.

***For those on ww the 24 medium balls, that made them 1pt on ww and you could have 5 for 4pts.
You could roll them smaller and get bite size ones, which if I estimated would give you 2 itty for one point.

3) Bake them for about 15-20 minutes at 400. Until they were brown.


These were really good, compared to the original sausage balls, I found them to be tastier and more moist. My kids enjoyed them also.

I will make these again. I also, woke up this morning and there were 3 left. I thought hmmm wonder what they taste like cold. They were very good too. So this would be a cool way to get a quick snack too.

Well my day is moving along, I have plenty of things to clean, well maybe, I just might take it slow today.

So my friends and family ... get out there.. make the day yours...have a good one!


Anonymous said…
THIS is the recipe I have been looking for! Thank You

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